Need Dev Confirmation

So far it looks like we’re gonna have a 2 minute CD for Metamorphosis in Patch 10.2 for BOTH specs.

That sounds awesome, but also “too awesome”, especially for Vengeance.

Can we please get a Dev to confirm this change? Will Meta’s CD now be 2 minutes? Is that intended? Is Rush of Chaos going to be removed or changed? Will Vengeance get a change to keep Meta at 3 minutes?

I hope they don’t change it back to 3 minutes but before i get excited i want actual confirmation of their intent with Metamorphosis.

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this is bait right? Meta is easily one of the least impactful cds in the game


This is a R–ard right? Meta is extremely strong for Vengeance. DH has 2 specs.

Also, level 36 rogue, opinion automatically invalid.

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One of the devs confirmed in the Fel Hammer that it was intended to stay, but the position/cost of Rush of Chaos may change in the future

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That’s the only time DH even do damage lol what

Let’s find a single reason Meta is strong enough to NOT be a 2 min cd.

it’s a weak cd

Vengeance or not, it’s an inferior cd to almost every other cd in the game regardless of spec.

you can actually die during Meta

Meta sucks. It should have been 2min for a long time now.

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OP has no experience in tanking on his DH basically, and only mythic progression was Legion which was like 8 years ago

laughs again

Yeah, you can die in Meta as Vengeance. You might not get one tapped but you can easily die.

Meta has needed to be 2 minutes since at least BFA. But you wouldn’t know.