Need an addon to track gold across multiple accounts

I use my 2nd account for my bank alt and need an addon that can track how much gold I have combined across both accounts. I tried altoholic but the linking of accounts only half way worked on one and completly didnt work on the other. accountant has no way of linking multiple accounts. did a google search to only see posts from a year plus ago.

I use TitanGold for this. Comes stock with TitanBar.

how do I link my other accounts?

Just login to them and it will update the balance for each character automatically.

unless the addon can sync between two online characters from the two different accounts then it wont be able to do it.

you can “cheat” and link the saved variable file from one account folder to the other at the OS level but if you do that then only one account should be logged in at a time or the last one to log out will overwrite any changes the other made

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You’re right, I did not understand correctly.

Someone should probably write some external tool to maintain configuration settings between separate accounts because there definitely is a lack of functionality there.