Necrolord Shadow any good?

Is it any good for dungeons?

The reason I ask is because I DESPISE Shadowflame Prism

Don’t know why, but I just can’t get into the play style. I think I just don’t like being so focused on burst windows and would prefer a more passive playstyle

It’s slightly ahead of night fae in pure single target. You are much less mobile, and don’t have 60s void forms, but great passive defense with flesh craft.

For dungeons you’ll still be taking SFP if you want to be useful outside of boss fights. In higher, more serious keys, you can swap between SFP and Pallid Command depending on your comp.

If this is your problem then necrolord won’t solve it. It does make cd management significantly easier in raids though.

As has been said you’ll still play SFP for your average 4-7 mob pull keys. If you run with a coordinated group who consistently pulls bigger than that, and needs priority target damage, you run pallid.