Necrolord Covenant: A Closer Look Inside the Might of Maldraxxus

we’re glorious


Sorry to spoil it a bit but, these aren’t traditional mounts you get and add to your collection. They are part of a transportation system you can use in Shadowlands. Some of the abominations will fight alongside you (not just serve as transport) as one of the Abomination Factory creations you can make. Some will carry you to your next destination (perhaps a foray into Bastion is in order? ). They all have their unique characteristics.


I have a character for each one already in mind.

The more I’ve learned about Maldraxxus, the more I want to decide on a character to join the Necrolords. But, I’m with you in that I’ll likely have a character in each.


That is cool and all - and thank you for the clarification, but could you please communicate the devs that we would love it if they took an extra step with that and made it a separate real mount for Maldraxus Renown + gold?

I will pass along word. I’m sure they’ll be watching for what people think of them, though it’s definitely something unique to the Covenant. Making it a regular mount could potentially take away from that uniqueness of being part of the Covenant.


Thinking I’ll go here if BEs get DR/Undead customization, but I may go here anyways for my main character I just love the aesthetic!

The precedent of faction specific mounts has been set by pvp mounts and the BFA specific air-boats… perhaps a similar exclusivity could apply to covenant specific mounts?

Thank you very much for your replies.

Necrolords, represent!

Whooooa whoa whoa wait. Can this abom carry me around in it’s arms or can I sit on one of it’s shoulders bossing it around or what???

I’ve been waiting for this for years…


Just picture a Gnome doing that.


Well I already Mix Holy and Void so lets toss some necromancy in there for good measure!


What is “mald?”

Disclaimer: I’m old.

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Maldraxxus goofball.

This covenant is the best. They even mention we can put a little tophat onto our abom :sob:

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I’m putting my Shaman in this covenant because it has Draka and I want to see her. I haven’t even looked at anything else lol.

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Saaaame. Love no nonsense Draka.

This covenant is pure hype. Our boy Kel’thuzad is hanging out here as well… really hope we don’t kill him and we just help him find his cats lost throughout the realm or something.

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The only choice if ur a gud and proper Orc iz Maldraxxus

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If only these abom customized aesthetics could be transferred to DK and lock pets. :pleading_face:

I’ve seen an image of it with the top hat. I can attest it’s abominably adorable.


Can still keep the uniqueness of being part of the Covenant if you make the abom a regular mount, just have it be a Covenant specific mount - only usable while you’re part of the Covenant and greys out if you’re not.