Near-impossible to obtain raid trinkets

Class trinket on my main. Only one I’m waiting for

‘Rare’ items that boost your output by 20% just for getting lucky RNG are lame as hell. Should make them purchasable with earned currencies as a form of bad luck protection.


I am still waiting for nelth trink and sark cloak.
lfr/normal/heroic/vault since day 1.
I have given up.
It is just idiotic at this point.

Wow, you’re very lucky! The trinket drop rate for our guild is literally 0%! We’ve not seen it drop at all on any difficulty

That is mind boggling. What horrible luck!

This post

Says we get

Which can be exchanged for 1 piece champion track gear of our choosing. Champ gear maxes out at i437.

I’ve not seen the list yet, so don’t know if any good trinkets are on there or not.

Not just healing trinket but dps trinket. The trinket from the last raid boss is way too powerful even the LFR version is better a lot of the other trinkets even if they are ilvl 447

I got the heroic version on my pally and on AoE packs the on use damage is always top of not 2nd top damage I do. It also increase my dps by a ton on logs with the on demand use it helps me push to like to one dps in my guild is crazy

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I just wish the only reasonable way to use Screaming Black Dragonscale wasn’t to be purposefully hit by volcanic as a DH

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It’s really brutal because Rashok’s is soooo strong. This thing should have been gutted, and almost certainly will be next patch (because it will probably be bis for the rest of the expansion, at least at mythic item level).

But yeah, I would strongly support a token system for all trinkets since 80% of trinkets on your loot table are just flat bad for you, and there are at most 3-4 trinkets that you’re not going to feel bad wearing.

Right??? I totally tried this too lol.

No.:-1:t3: They gave us the tyrstone and nerfed it to the ground. Let healers have sooooooomething shiny.

I like shiny things and all, but having one trinket so massively outperform all others is not a positive for us IMO. It just means that you’re weak as hell until you get lucky for one drop. I’d prefer the power levels be relatively normalized, at least until they make trinkets deterministic in some way. Then it can be a little more nutty because there won’t be anything preventing you from getting the ones you need.

And if Rashok’s is still competitive next tier, which it almost certainly will be, it being nerfed is basically guaranteed.

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Another problem is players coming as DPS or tank, then winning a need roll on the trinket. The loot table is designed to drop loot “evenly”, but it becomes completely uneven when half the raid is rolling as a healer. The low amount of trinkets dropped vs players rolling on it is unacceptable. Another strat that happens a lot is people stacking teams to roll for them. Blizz needs to go back to personal loot.

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I imagine that that just means that there will be another that will take its place then, like Rashoks took Broodkeepers.

I agree with you that I definitely felt much stronger when I got both of those, and it felt like forever for each. Rainsong helped bridge the gap and I did get the dragonscale in my vault so I rocked those 2 for a while.

Last season I don’t think there was really anything that bridged any gaps for healing that dropped in mythic+ though? Maybe that one that dropped in halls of valor, I forget it’s name though. It never dropped for me or showed up in vault.

why is that a problem? if somebody who usually heals steps into another role to help the raid, that’s good for everyone.

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Ruins ratio, math-wise it’s horrible for the game. When you’re in a raid rolling on a certain item that normally is designed to drop for a % of players but now the whole group rolls on it. That’s a massive imbalance in loot priority and distro. It’s not rocket science.

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Broodkeepers was a great trinket, but it was not nearly as strong as Rashok’s (as compared to other trinkets from their respective season).

Broodkeepers was an exciting trinket to see drop, but did not feel nearly as mandatory as Rashok’s does.

Of course, trinket tokens replacing drops solves the problem either way.

Yea Rashok’s gives BIS stats, BIS healing effect, BIS buff if overhealing, and mana back… Literally does EVERYTHING. It’s the biggest load of crap to have an item like that in the game with little to no chance to get it.


Yeah, I lost Rashok’s in pugs many times to Boomkins and Windwalkers–enough so that I just stopped pugging at all. It was just too frustrating to go into heroic/normal for one item, then lose it to someone who doesn’t even plan to use it for main spec.

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Just play augment evoker like every other healer