naxx/Uldar heroic modes

This isn’t wotlk-som. Remember, som failed it’s objective


ulduar has a heroic feature already.

No, Ulduar has a hardmode feature built into bosses. It’s not the same thing as heroic mode.

indeed. heroic mode is the lazy version of the proper in-game implementation of said mode.


they have a few hardmodes, and hardmode is a joke.

explain the joke.

The hardmodes are incredibly easy. the only difficult hardmode in the entire raid is yogg 0

What was this objective?

To make popular changes?

Citation needed.

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So much this. SoM (like many of us pointed out) appeals to a very, very, very small demographic of e-sport driven players who need difficulty ramped up, extra challenges, so they can prove how elite they are.

The vast majority of players are not interested in such an experience. Especially in a Classic server. They just want to chill out, relax, and enjoy the content. If they wanted to play an e-sport they’d just play Retail WoW. The accessibility of Wrath is one of the best things it has going for it. When they ramped up the difficulty the very next expansion…millions left.

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Not quite.

You’re welcome.

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10man “raider” detected. try on 25, it’s harder.

It wasn’t very popular

And I linked the objective to you in the blue post.
You were incorrect as you didn’t understand the stated objective which was not winning a popularity contest.

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Everything blizzard does revolves around creating subscribers.

Addressing this exchange. Popular requests was not the objective. They stated the goal for a seasonal server. It’s obvious it was an experiment and no word yet of a commitment to continue this model. It was a short enough timeframe to test and change direction if necessary.


It will be enteresting to see what they have to say about it with the next round of news for sure

Logic isn’t allowed here.


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There already was a heroic mode for those instances.

Old timers will remember this: “heroic” in raids originally meant “25 players”