Naxxramas Raid Testing – October 21

well people just skipping mechanics is accurate to what will happen in game. maybe blizzard should buff the bosses HP

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How bout you shut yer trap on this one.

Warriors do scale ridiculously out of control with world buffs, but they’re the only class that demonstratabley does so.

It’s a shame that Blizzard allowed it as it really has destroyed the entirety of Classic, but I guess the silver lining is Hunters finally got a class to replace them for having the absolute worst most cancerous playerbase behind it.


You guys should really just play casually on PTR Naxx and actually find a bugged mechanic rather than just focus on pumping dps. Sheesh…


why? when it comes out that’s what’s gonna happen in the live game too. blizzard needs to remove world buffs. PLEASE>

Enhancement shaman scale with all the buffs that warriors do, plus all the spell crit and mana regen related buffs

Why use the Public Test Realm to Test content for bugs?

And yet let bugs like teleport hacking to stay in game since launch?

Hard to actually test fully with such a narrow window especially those not on the west coast.

What’s your point and how does it relate to PTR testing Naxx for mechanic bugs?

are you going to let em test sapp with no FR to see if it’s even needed?

With whatever aura it might give folks a false sense of ease and really put them behind for weeks because of a lack of prep. I doubt it but would still be funny.

Noth seems to be bugged and building threat on healers during the transition and doesn’t wipe it when he comes down.

He only wipes threat following a blink, I thought Noth was operating normal.

Heigan and trash before him all have higher agro radius from what I remember. Also trash after was despawning.

We didn’t have a spriest to test but can we make sure we don’t have 2.0 Loatheb, I know in TBC pre patch shadow is OP for the fight but can we have the vanilla experience where shadow priest is useful for a change TY.

He wipes threat when he goes to the balcony, but then keeps all the threat healers generate below during the transition. Tanks have a hard time generating 34k snap threat.

We dealt with it with battle shout spam.

In other news, lots of people can’t dance as it turns out.

This is exactly how Viscidus threat works during the blob phase, and is handled the same way with bshout spam. Did it work differently in vanilla?

Yes he wiped threat when he came down.

That’s the difference between Classic players who have an easy-mode raid experience versus Retail players who regularly have to dance even in LFR. To be clear, I’m not insulting Classic players. I’m just pointing out the difference in difficulty between the two experiences.

Herding 25 cats is easier than herding 40 cats? Also retail characters have a billion different movement abilities and defensives.

The dance is super easy though. You just move to the nearest spot that was green a second ago. It’s a pretty standard mechanic even in LFR these days. I guess we’ll see, but I still suspect that a lot of the perceived difficulty with Naxx was simply that Vanilla players had very little experience with complex mechanics.