Naxxramas Attunement is Now Available

We have updated WoW Classic to make the NPC Archmage Angela Dosantos available at Light’s Hope Chapel.

Now, if you wish to complete your attunement to Naxxramas in advance of the raid going live on December 3, you can visit the Archmage and take care of it.

Light be with you!


Awesome. The end of classic is here!


Thanks for the update Kaivax :kissing_heart:

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Thank God!

Let’s go Tbc!!


Hopefully TBC lasts no more than a year so then we get Wrath!


Half of TBC is front loaded at launch, if they keep it the same with Archimonde technically available from launch it doesnt have 22 months worth of content, players will steam roll it. (and does anyone really want to do 10 months of BT?)

Daily reminder Blizzard ruined World of Warcraft.


Well this doesn’t seem authentic at all… Why?

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The follow up quest “Echoes of War” is still not available. Without this being available ahead of time, it will still be a war zone/disaster area as everyone floods LHC to try and pick that up.

If they don’t, they wont be able to turn in any T3 pieces or get the follow up frost resist ring/pants quests until week 2/3.


And so it begins. The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. Endgame.

Need to enable the undead event soon as well. Don’t wait until Dec 3rd.


Seconded on adding the undead event soon. Feels a bit weird to have the event go live the same moment that Naxxramas opens up.


I really want to take my rogue into TBC but at the same time if BlizzCONline rolls around and there is no announcement I will enjoy the ensuing whining on these forums.

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this is my genuine request to not follow the original release schedule of the burning crusade… please give it to us tier by tier, so that tbc lasts longer than 9 months at best. I also hope that primal nethers are bind on pickup at first, and some bosses aren’t in their nerfed states such as nightbane

to those who were unaware, the only raids that weren’t on out on release of tbc were black temple, zul’aman and sunwell.

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Bloodbath in the Plaguelands tonight woo hoo!

You have 18 days to buy the attunement, why would anyone go out there today?

especially when some of us are still raidlogged with dmf for tomorrow’s reset

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So… how about launching that invasion? :smiley:


There is no light
Only darkness

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Need 5 sets of Warglaives. K Thanx

unnecessary but ok