Naxx is just in time stop crying

Many of these serves don’t even have guilds, they should not be taken as a standard.


So only your opinion is the one that matters?

Theres a reason there are so many threads saying that the release is too soon. This is the shortest ‘phase’ we’ve had so far, and after this next update there isnt anything going to be a whole lot more for players to do once they’re able to take on and maybe even complete Naxx.


Oh, really?

Cuz actually, no. Many realms, even some higher population realm such as Fairbanks, could not enter AQ until a month or so after AQ was released.

My realm has over 100 guilds. And those are just the ones that show up in Warcraft logs for AQ40.

Try again.


It’s the same 5 people posting in all these threads. Look If you are in a dead realm with no people or guilds that’s ok but don’t expect the world to bend to you’re will, this wait for me mentality gotta stop if you don’t want to be in naxx don’t do it.

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It literally is the same 5 or 6 people. Also every phase has come about 4 months apart and they literally said at the very beginning they weren’t going to adhere to vanilla’s time line and release phases as content was consumed.

That is basically verbatim.

4 months is right on track of all the other content pushes. They also massively increased the auto complete time table for realms in classic as well but I don’t see the push back on that?

Where were you when they made autocomplete gate event happen faster so dead/lazy realms could do aq40 at all.

Read the responses to the blue post announcing the release date:

It is not the same 5 or 6 people, a lot of people were upset. The first response telling them to slow down got 77 likes, which is about double what the blue post itself got.


TLDR “I NIAK proclaim the only important wow classic players are the ones who have no life and weigh over 300 IBS change my mind.”


Where was the crying for every other content patch so far. They have all been early. Every one of them.

If its only because shadowlands is coming out around the same time, then they should be demanding shadows lands get pushed later not classic. It is very “on time” with the gaps between all the other content patches in classic.

Sorry that they didn’t conform and make it resolve around the wants of the small fraction of retail players that play.

Also some of those 5-6 people also admit to have 5-6 accounts. So forgive me if I don’t trust the like button on posts.

very bad marketing decision on them here should hold the release of nax till end of december so their wont be so many bugs aq20 been out for how long now and their is still so many damn bugs in it . Fix your freaking game and stop trying to spit content out

Why is it when people have a different opinion than you they’re accused of “crying?”

You must he new to the Internet.

Also good job reviving a 30-day-old thread.

I didn’t revive it. Why are you CRYING about it anyway?

No it’s not.

It’s too early, or too late. It should have never been released so close to shadowlands.

it makes no difference what the majority wants. we’re not part of running the business.

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I definitely felt like Naxx was too soon when it was announced, but I think it’s ok. Almost none of us got to do it the first time. Bring it on!

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Well to some extent we are in that the more happy customers they have the more money they make.

MMOs who tried to listen to the elusive silent majority are all dead now.


I didn’t realize AQ40 was disappearing on december 3rd


our guild hasnt even killed cthun yet. We are on Bloodsail, so our gates opened up 5 resets after everyone else’s…

Naxx is coming WAYY too fast it feels lol

naxx is launching just in time for me. im already exalted with argent dawn, and i have 20x arcanite bars, 15x cured rugged hide, and 14x nexus crystals sitting in my bank as well as 80x+ major mana potions, 45x greater frost resistance potions, 14 dark runes, 4 demonic runes, 3 elixirs of distilled wisdom. this has all been gained by passively hoarding ever since a few weeks into classic launch after i started researching naxx while i was still grinding out my 40’s