Nature Resist Gear is Here

Immature Venom Sac meta is kind of exploitative, but as long as it’s not deemed so, using NR gear on visc is at best superfluous and at worst detrimental to the cause.

If I remember right its true to the timing of vanilla is the idea. People like you will flame regardless though.

Well to all people like the above guy saying this, the reason is for catch up. There are lot of guilds starting AQ40 now (and let’s not forget servers that opened the gates very recently), this gear will help them catch up eventually so they can get through AQ, gear up and get into Naxx.

But brainless tryhards will not understand and keep trolling on topic.

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And yet his statement is still accurate. The gear should have been released when P5 was released so a lot more people could have potentially made use of it. Now the population of players who will bother crafting this gear is severely depressed. It isn’t a matter of try hard. It is a matter of impact. The gear’s impact is muted at best and that is exactly what Delimicus is saying in his post.
Basically, the devs for Classic decided to perpetuate the mistake made by the original devs who also didn’t release this gear when it would have had the greatest impact.


FWIW, we one-shot all the things - except Viscidus. Much use for additional NR if not cheesing with sappers.

I’m going to assume you still cleared AQ just fine without it. It’s still useful in naxx especially if you are catching up… Complainers will keep complaining I guess.

We did still clear AQ40 fine without it. I was banging the drum for this gear to be released when they made the original decision. Given how low the impact is going to be with the gear now, I am convinced I was right. It was a bad decision to not create the gear 15 years ago. It was a bad decision to not release the gear in P5 when they made it 4 months ago.
Quick, point out the fights where I am going to stack NR in Naxx instead of going full dps gear, popping an NR pot, and having the healers heal through it. I will wait.

Dont forget alts, and those who like the set despite it not being BiS.

Some responses here are sad: more gear options are a good thing.

Thank you @Kaivax

Seems like a dumb drum to bang honestly. You might be correct it would objectively had more of an impact with an earlier release. However craftable catch up gear is the design here. I dont think you were around 15 years ago when they made this decision, and I doubt they would have listened to you then either. To each his own but this is a silly thing to waste your time on.

I played 15 years ago when a lot of guilds struggled with AQ40. They didn’t make the gear as “catch up gear.” It was literally “oops, we created NR checks but didn’t provide NR gear, our bad” gear. This wasn’t a “decision.” It was an oversight that they corrected too late. Their gear design team was trash 15 years ago and the fact that the devs in Classic decided to perpetuate an oversight and then pawn it off as “keeping it consistent with Vanilla” was always a farce. Vanilla’s dev team did a lot of great things, but anyone arguing that their itemization team was good is on some kind of strong substance.

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Now can you move the horde AV starting cave to where it is in future patches?

It means Alliance may have a greater than 1% win rate.

Also means that Horde might how faster queues.

Actually it was catchup gear and was stated as such. Just like ZG and aq20 were catch up gear to get people into the next tiers or raiding if they fell behind cause gearing 40 new people in 40 mans takes time.

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Not sure if this was a joke but I totally use my AQ NR set on the front lines in BGs lol. Chain lightning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

100% catch up gear. Itemization, while wonky, is fine. I enjoy having multiple sets of different gear being good in different situations. Just because the items are not mathematically balanced, and generic like retail doesnt mean its bad. It’s designed to let you be creative.

Why are you continually silent on the huge epidemic of fly/teleport hacks and LUA unlockers? Fix this server-side!


No I was quite serious. I’m more scared of ele shaman burst than I am huhu/Vic. I knew I should’ve stuck with horde.

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Well you see - that might take work and effort. They don’t like those two things when it comes to classic.

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Im always so sad looking at my nr pots as horde always using shadow ones instead :frowning:

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Sure it was. Blizzard is pretty well known for coming out and saying “whoops, we screwed up and forgot to add a bunch of NR patterns that should have been added considering the content we created has NR checks and we added them for mail wearing characters.” Right. You keep believing it was “catch up” gear. You guys are hilarious.
And as far as being mathematically balanced, it really isn’t about that. The gear itself isn’t actually that diverse. The fact that they came up with the brilliant idea of having some of the best PVE gear behind the PVP Honor system is genius as well. There was a clear lack of understanding for how the game mechanics worked by the itemization group and it shows.

I’d love to see the quote that says we messed up here’s more NR gear. Which is honestly believable, but you overreacting to such a dumb little thing in this game is sad lol. Just play.

I’ll leave you to die on this dumb hill of yours buddy. Shout into the abyss about this non issue LOL.