Nature Resist Gear is Here

With a hotfix that was deployed earlier today, the original WoW 1.11 Nature Resist gear is now obtainable in WoW Classic:

Item Source Type
Bramblewood Belt Leatherworking Leather
Bramblewood Boots Leatherworking Leather
Bramblewood Helm Leatherworking Leather
Ironvine Belt Blacksmithing Plate
Ironvine Gloves Blacksmithing Plate
Ironvine Breastplate Blacksmithing Plate
Sylvan Shoulders Tailoring Cloth
Sylvan Crown Tailoring Cloth
Sylvan Vest Tailoring Cloth
Gaea’s Embrace Tailoring Cloak
Savage Guard Quest Head/Leg Enchant
Band of Cenarius Quest Ring



cool, thanks


Thank you so much. I’ve been looking forward to this news for many months now. Finally.

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I will take “things that would have been useful 3 months ago” for 100 Alex.


Enjoy what? All of this gear should have been available months ago. It’s now being introduced when it is utterly useless, instead of just slightly useless.


Nice now add the real classic AV


My room mate’s guild has yet to kill Visc. It’s not utterly useless to everyone.

They still lose players to Huhu.


im also betting theyre a casual guild.

So what? This gear is still useful for people running AQ40.


I’m pretty sure his point was no one needs nr for huh or visc. In fact visc seems much much easier without NR

People are so rude. This is catchup gear for guilds still struggling to get through AQ. If you don’t need it, don’t use it.


That may be true, but it wasn’t in vanilla at AQ launch, so why would they put it in earlier now and make AQ even easier?


This plenty of guilds on servers aren’t reliably through AQ40. This helps them clear it pre-naxx. It hurts literally no one and only helps people that are behind.


Oh this was for AQ40? I had other plans for that catch-up gear.

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He plays more than I do.

The point was, the catch up gear is for exactly that. If you don’t need it, good job, it’s not for you.

You’d be surprised.


It’s funny though. Back in the day we all had resist gear and strategy was different.

Today no resist gear for most classes, just hit dps button on turbo.

Half the problem is using NR on Visc. Well at least Horde side. Once we stopped using NR gear and basically turned the fight into the inverse version of Razorgore, the fight became quite easy. We don’t have a massive amount of people using sappers either. I think we might have 10-13 total.
If your roommate is Alliance side, I have heard the fight is significantly harder. But I still think using NR gear is the wrong way to go because the portion of the fight where the blobs split is really where you need the dps to get them in range for mass death.

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We have been clearing visc for months now and none of us use any nature rez gear. Most the time we one phase him but even if it takes 2 the fight is easy and not only does it no require NR gear but wearing it is just bad. One prayer of healing cancels a volley so it literally does nothing at all.

TLDR the right special recipe for this fight is not crappy nr gear its goblin sappers and 5 combusting blast waves.

That is accurate to Vanilla, I see no problem.

It is accurate to Vanilla. In my opinion, this is one of those times they should have made an exception and altered the schedule to release those patterns when they released P5. Unfortunately, that gear is now going to be under utilized across the board. That’s fine generally speaking, but it does leave a bit of a sour taste for me :frowning:

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