Nathrian Weaponmasters

Nathrian weaponmasters appear to be selling fated items from the last two bosses for the 9.0 Normal 207 Anima Spherule. I don’t have one to see if they’ll actually sell it to me or not, but the tooltip at least is bugged. Saw the issue on my Venthyr Rogue and Kyrian Hunter.

Venthyr Nathrian Weaponmasters:

Lord Afanas
Has 285 items for sale but the cost is shown as a 207 Zenith Anima Spherule instead of a 285

Stoneweaver McConnell
Similarly has 298 items listed as needing a 207 Zenith Anima Spherule instead of a 298

Night Guardian Jethraasa
272s cost a 207

311s cost a 207

Kyrian Nathrian Weaponmasters:

Provisioner Prothos
298s cost a 207

Battlemaster Endios
311s cost a 207

285s cost a 207

Kelli Hoo
272s cost a 207


I just found the same thing on my Priest. I check at both the Kyrian and Night Fae Vendors. Both have the 298 off hand requiring the 207 token.

Having this issue as well with the 298 Fated Heroic Spherule. Blizz, send help


Same here. I’m pretty sure if you go do normal (non-fated) SLG right now and loot a 207 anima bead, you can use it to buy any fated difficulty off-hand you’d like, 311, 298, 285, or 272.

I also don’t have one to test, but my 298 Fated Heroic Thaumaturgic Anima Bead can’t be used to buy ANYTHING right now. Please fix.

I have just encountered the same issue with my 298 ilvl heroic fated weapon token. Unable to buy the weapon because it is asking for the 207 ilvl token.

This is the char that actually has the bead. Opening a ticket too I guess.

Same issue here. Desired weapon is not purchasable.

same problem

Same on kyrian, really annoying

Blizzard where are you?!

Busy in some kind of mandated feel good training from HR, instead of hotfixing this issue and Mythic + season 4 bugs that won’t allow catalyst conversion to tier.

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Did you guys actually try? I bought a 272 from Venthyr with the token that dropped last week from Fated Sire even though the UI said it wanted a 207.

bump, having same issue, cannot buy 298 shield because it costs a 207 item level token

same problem. makes me want to go back to an mmo that works

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Having the same issue.

same issue here, have the 298 token and cant buy my staff

Same issue. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a timely blue response to at least say they are looking into it.

I was able to buy the 298 staff earlier today; not sure what’s going on.

It’s only the offhands

Same problem here, I got a Zenith Anima Spherule 298 Fated Heroic, but I can not buy noting from the weaponsmith, and Blizzard did not say noting yet.