Nathanos' fate in Shadowlands

So knowing Blizzard he’s still going to be involved in Shadowlands because of course he is.

How do you want his story to end?

Realistically, he’s probably going to be a raid boss in the Maw raid.

Personally, I want him to, instead of being reunited with Sylvanas in the Maw, be simply among the vast amount of souls being tortured there, learning Sylvanas only cares about herself and doesn’t need him now that she has the Jailer’s foces, and he has to beg for our help after being heartbroken.

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He knows she doesnt care about him though, it is his hope that she someday will care that keeps him going.

But he still does have that hope though, there’s nothing that would make me happier than seeing that hope broken when he lands in the Maw as just another soul to be tortured.

There is probably alot of things that would make you happier than that to be fair.

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I think Nathanos doesn’t care if hes loved or not. Unrequited love isn’t new to stories. If Sylvanas is happy, hes happy.

Why is it “Because of course he is?” why not “Because he’s been a very important character in the current plotline and he explicitly tells us in his ‘death’ scene that he’s going to be there?”

This isn’t Blizzard being weirdly obsessed, this is just baseline storytelling.


The way I suspect it will go down sylvanas will say something about how he was not useful anymore, and he will plead for one last chance. And he will get it, but not the way he wants. I suspect is going to get the Ashvane treatment and will be warped into something horrific and monstrous. At the very least he won’t look as he did before, as he went into the Maw as just a soul.

I’m hoping for a last minute revelation that his soul was actually captured by Elune to deny Sylvanas the use of her Champion, and he’s currently living out the death of each and every single Night Elf who died in the War of Thorns or something.

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I think blizz will just forget about his failure and the end of Shadow’s Rising, and make him comeback alongside Sylvanas.

Yes. That’s 100% what will happen :+1:t2:

Is it just me or are people a little too eager to share their desecration fantasies about certain characters on here? Between this and the myriad “Sylvanas should be hogtied and whipped by ten million Arthases for the rest of eternity while her screams are amplified across the Maw” threads I’m starting to worry if SF’s doing okay.


Off topic I just want to say you character is looking pretty awesome sauce.


I personally feel Nathanos is going to have a pretty gruesome ending. I don’t think he’ll ever ‘reunite’ with Sylvanas the way he wants, he’ll probably be some flesh amalgamation in whatever raid will be situated in the maw.