Names May 18th

So got to thinking are current character names going to be locked on both TBC and Classic realms come May 18th so we can keep our current names and no one can grab them from us before we get a chance to move a character to whichever we choose?

I’m curious about that also, some lvl 1 phase 2 quitter has my name.

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Your toons will be on both tbc and classic era. You choose which ones you want to activate. The inactive ones will still hold your name. You’re not moving your characters. You’re just activating them. Blizzard is putting all of our toons on both realms for us.

I’m curious about that also, some lvl 1 phase 2 quitter has my name.

Check my info post here:


You don’t move anything, and nobody can take your name. You have BOTH characters on both realms, with their names.

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what happens if you try creating a new character on TBC with the same name that is reserved under your account then transfer your toon to progress to TBC.
I wonder if that forces a name change ?

Whatever names in use now will stay in use on both classic and crusade. They aren’t freeing up any names. They could care less if it’s taken by someone that never uses it or hasn’t logged on in years. Name changes could have been something they sold… but they went for boosting instead.

You aren’t Transferring anything. Your toons will be put on BOTH servers by blizzard. All you do is log into the era realm you want to play and activate the toons there. You really should read my post explaining this. I just copied and pasted the support page.

But it sounds like if you want to play your existing character in one game, and then roll a new character with the same name in the other, you will need to delete your clone.

But you should be able to undelete the clone later (possibly with a name change) if you haven’t deleted too many characters before then.

They only free up names if you are inactive (not subbed).

So if you stay subbed, they wont delete any of your names and nobody can take your names either. Why are some people always so keen on taking something from others? How would you feel if you dont play a few weeks or months and all of a sudden your names are stolen by someone?

There are companies that do that and they are not nice, I had such an incident a few years ago, never played that game again.

Blizzard doesn’t free up names at all as far as I know. This is sad because people wasting them on alts that haven’t been logged in for years get to waste them. You say weeks or months… but at some point, it’d be nice if they were available again.

They do it’s just literal years before they’ll free it up.

I got back my Vanilla account before Classic dropped and had to change all my characters names.

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ya you’re not paying for a clone your paying to “activate” the one you don’t pick.

Which I wish blizzard just said that. The way they explained it makes no sense. People need to read the support page.

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