Name reservations? This is a first


Only your friends may not even be playing on the same layer as you. Sure, you might all be on Laughing Skull, but you may not actually be playing together in the same layered world.


Piccolo: well looks like we have a little time to spare.
Goku: wanna go drive cars again?
Piccolo: b*tchn!

(Destrian) #47

This works so well for me. I have had 3 toons I’ve played mainly since vanilla. A human paladin, a dwarf priest, and a night elf druid. I am ready.

(Twitchy) #48

i am going to google the top streamers and take those names first. cause im that kind of person


An August 27th release means that the bump in subs would go on the autumn earnings report.

By “gently encouraging” people to sub two weeks early, they can get a bump in subs just in time for the summer earnings report.

The justification that it “gets us into the game quicker” is as ludicrous as saying that loot trading was to “solve loot issues faster”.

Of course, this will help with server stability a bit, since you won’t have people rushing to log in and crashing the servers quite so hard at character select, but that could have been solved just by opening the servers for name reservation 1 day, or even 3 hours, earlier.


I’ll get Viper before you. :-p


That is what YOU think? MWAHAHAHA

(Volitar) #52

Technically still summer gotcha - Blizzard.


Super excited for name reservations–we know how hot buying and selling certain names can be and this puts a great limit on anyone really trying to corner names on launch night when we should just be enjoying the game.

(Switzy) #54

No one will take Legolas from me. No one.

(Solanaria) #55

Unfortunately I don’t think any of my friends want to play classic. idk what is wrong with them. So I’m going to have to gasp MAKE NEW FRIENDS

(Nightshine) #56

Yeah, the manipulation of their player base to get an extra $7.50 is absurd.

(Steve) #57

I’m…I’m not likely getting steve again aren’t I?

(Pärker) #58

Not with that attitude you aren’t. Get in there Steve, I believe in you.

(Afflextion) #59

Or be like me on the forums at work…

(Kevindurant) #60

Along with time zones?


Name reservations will be a race ->

(Chroesire) #62

Exactly my thoughts. The character create screen doesn’t take much horsepower so even people whose only modern computer is a desktop could probably do the same thing with the old potato laptop that’s been gathering dust in the closet.


Just so long I can get Mongoose.

(Thundathys) #64

you pay by the month so whether it’s 1 day or 2 weeks it’s still an extra month