Name a good 3rd

Classic wpvp trio of friends leveling together, questing and lots of world pvp… please solve for X:


Lets goooooo :partying_face:

Lock or hunter? Great at wpvp and leveling

Hunter or Druid

hunter, you’ll have physical damage and they’re compatible with the mage for giga kiting

Hi thnks. When you say druid do you mean feral or resto?

Would hunter be rough with no tank in the trio?

with stuff dying so fast, you wouldnt need to tank dead things

Thanks. So hunter and mage mesh well? Even though my shots might break novas ?

rogue duhhh

Double mage + priest

Mage + Hunter is probably the ideal ranged duo. Blizzard slowing enemies down as they walk into a trap and the hunter multi-shots, volleys or single targets weakened enemies.

Hpal or Shaman

All these other trios are pretty bad suggestions tbh

Ele shaman? Are they viable in vanilla for questing and low level world pvp though? Or free hk for rogues?

Woodelf sneaky archer.

Everything is viable for questing, but yeah a rogue would eat an ele sham for second lunch…

Decided on Druid, so i can innervate my clothie bois and wreck rogues in pvp.

Can a rogue handle a spriest + mage while FF is on him? Doubt it

Go Rogue


Nah. The druid is paramount here. The mage and sp need the innervate and the poison dispel. Its better for wpvp.