NA Random BG Content Creator List

Hello, this is a list of content creators for North America Random BGs. The intent is to help build community and is not about which content is the best. I’ve always found it more interesting when the people fighting each other at least recognize each other’s names like what we had before server mergers.

This is not going to include epic BG content or leveling BGs, just because that is not where my personal interests are, but they should feel free to make a similar list if they want.

The list is in alphabetically order and tries to indicate the focus of each channel. With soloQs on the way, hopefully there will be more interest for this type of content.


This is just a starting list as I know there are more channels out there. Unfortunately, they can be really hard to find. Also, I don’t have anything from Twitch or other platforms since I’m strictly a youtuber. Feel free to send me a link to your channel or a channel that you know about on any platform and I’ll add it here.

All I’d ask is that the channel be current and active and focus on max level non-epic NA random BGs.

Big props to arrowassassin he multi classes with great commentary. Also honorable mention para.

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Forgot about him, but will add. I don’t think he is playing much anymore.

random battlegrounds is probably the last thing anyone would watch from a “content creator”

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…no Alecthegreat twitch stream on the list? Fail

But you did include Arrow Assassin Gaming at least, he’s alright but I notice he does lots of goofing off/picking 1v1 roadfights instead of focusing objectives. Not really my cup of tea, but his random commentary is entertaining I guess

Never heard of these other ones like Para, Alyrco, ClunkyDoo, etc I’ll have to check them out sometime

Epic BGs, right? If not, I’ll take a look.

I’m not intending to just put the best known names here. Any channel works no matter how small. It’s not necessarily about watching that person fight, but also about watching who they fight, etc.

Arrow Assassin got blown up by Zlyrax earlier today, for example… and I predicted that was going to happen because I know who Zlyrax is and the damage they can do on devastation. I would have avoided that because I would have been checking to see where he was, but Arrow didn’t know him and got blown up.

That is one of the advantages of knowing who people are. You know who to watch out for and you know how they play and their behavior patterns.

Oozo, this is pretty cool, i might check some out. Which would you recommend most for non-melee classes?

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I don’t watch rated junk except MAYBE a bit of the arena tourneys if i want a laugh. I think the OP is gearing this list towards people who play unrated BGs and PvP casually.

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Thanks, and which class/spec do you have in mind? All of the ones listed as multiclass play ranged from time to time, but you’d have to search through their content to find those videos or parts of those streams.

Exactly. However, soloQ rated BGs are going to have a lot more in common with random BGs than rated BGs when they come (IMO). Pretty big difference in going into a BG as a solo queue player than a five man premade or a full ten man rated BG team.

Self-reliance and self-preservation are going to have more significance.

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buddy this isn’t rated. no one really cares.

Actually, based on overall sentiment and activity, it is rated BGs that nobody cares about, except for the few that are hanging on until it is put down for good when soloQ rated BGs come out.

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Oh, nevermind. You are just a worthless wannabe-“edgelord.”

Also, you…

Also, you…

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thanks for keeping track boiiiii

Soullscape is primarily open world PVP but does throw in some random BG videos.

Sure, I’ll add him.

Two people to throw on there.

First of all myself, as I have started to post stuff on my channel more often and MOST of it BG related. Including some recent and upcoming videos on BG Blitz. My stuff isn’t super good (yet) because I am still learning editing etc, but I am trying.
Full BGs | Montages | Guides | VoDs | Mostly Paladin now

Also BOklahoma who posts a lot Paladin and BG related stuff.
BGs | Guides | Paladin

Added. Thanks.

Nice, some of the soloQ BGs from PTR, will watch later.

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I have another one scheduled to go up tomorrow as well of EotS specifically.

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