[NA] [A]<Not Safe For Warcraft>LFM for BWL

LF Strong Stomachs…and hawt toes.


Our core group comes from original vanilla wow. Some have been playing the game together for 13+ years. Most of the core group played in BFA where we got AOTC and some Mythic progress into Uldir. We stopped there because, let’s face facts, BFA was not challenging. We decided to take a break and hold out until Classic.

We’re a super fun, social community filled with many kinds of people. We are looking for any player (yes, even filthy casuals) to come join our ranks. We are currently building our raid team and helping lower level players climb to classical heights.


Currently recruiting all classes/specs except for Hunters and Prot Warriors

Most in need of Fury Warriors, Holy Paladins, Feral & Balance Druids (1 each), Shadow Priests (1)

Raid times

Saturdays at 5pm server and Ony every 5 days at 6:30pm server.

All we ask is that, as a raider, you be active and able to take instruction/criticism from leadership as we dive into battle against the forces of Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair and later BWL when it’s released.


We plan to have a successful raid team that is able to raid at least 2 nights a week. We hope to have all our raid team full of T2 helms/leggings, along with other phase 1 bis by Blackwing Lair’s release. So far we have kept this goal.

We have gone above and beyond with our goal and ended at #4 Ally guild spot on the server in MC

For PVP, BGs will be a main staple of this guild. We will do premade BGs and obliterate the Horde! And, if we play Horde, obliterate the Alliance! Yes, indiscriminate obliterating!

We plan on doing special events eventually. Whether it’s world pvp, or giveaways, or referral bonuses there’s definitely a lot of fun going down soon! This is a great guild to get into and experience or relive Classic WoW with!

Edit: We’ve been 1 shotting Ony and 1 shotting/1 phasing Rag with 30-35 raiders for a while! Come join the fun!

Message me if interested!



Join the guild and Zrae will suck ya toes

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Raid Times will start at 5pm server time (PST) on Saturdays/Sundays when we get enough people. We will start at Onyxia, and then go to MC. We will then be doing Onyxia every 5 days with the lock out.

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Come join us!

We Clear Ony every reset and need a few more nice + dedicated people to fill our roster to run an all guild MC run! lets grow together!


bump to find more ppl that need their feet massaged, particularly, if you are a Warlock, Pally, or Druid!

Helpful and fun group, experienced and determined. Come see for yourself :slight_smile:

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NSFW! Come see what’s inside.

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I joined for the stabbin

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Bump for update in what we are looking for. 1-2 More Resto Druids, 1 Boomkin, 1-2 Dps Warriors, 1 Warlock that are able to raid Saturday/Sunday 5pm server.

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Lets Fill our ranks!

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We also have a twink team forming!!!

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Thats me btw lol

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Come join us! we have MC and ony on Farm EZ!

Bump for update in recruit needs!

If you join now they’ll let me out of my cage for 30m to get some fresh air, please join!

who let you out to post this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Come to get carried - Stay for the Fun

/bump for recruitment update

Do you guys just not log or have you stopped raiding?

We log, look up Strike, if its not under our guild name