[N] The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe - Seeking New Talent!

The Show Must Go On…

During the Siege of Orgrimmar, years ago, two visionaries saw a world beset by fear of tyranny and lacking in spirit and good humor. From the ashen cradle of the Tirisfal Glades, and the mind and pockets of a man from Silvermoon City, talent from far and wide was brought together to find a solution to the world’s woes, but through the art of performance rather than the art of war.

Thus began the Tirisfal Theatre, a group of performers who have long held the belief that service to one’s people is to leave them with hope and high spirits, with laughter and song, with spectacle and wonder.

Whether it be by the soul of a play, or the heart of a fireworks show, one thing is certain; when the Tirisfal Theatre is in town, you know fun is about to be had.

Who Are We?


Who are we? More like who aren’t we! Actors, actresses, musicians, dancers, writers, directors, and folks from all walks of life! We’re a theatrical performance guild with an established history on Wyrmrest Accord!

Established by Father Irreverent of the Church of the Forgotten Shadow, and Lord Atos Sunhart of the Silvermoon Thespian Society prior, the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe has been performing for Wyrmrest Accord for nearly 7 years as of October 2020. In 2019, Atos stepped down from leadership and passed the mantle to Director Fehl, who led the troupe until recently when she too had to focus on IRL priorities. Atos has returned to the role of Director as of August 2020, with renewed purpose and passion. While long hiatuses have been somewhat typical in the past few years for us, we are back with renewed purpose and direction, and ready to bring the show back to Azeroth and beyond!

First and foremost, we are a roleplaying guild, with events taking place primarily mid-week, and sometimes on weekends for particularly large shows - all events typically in the evenings between the hours of 6 PM server and 8 PM server starting time. We function based on the server’s time and plan our events around a median of which all cast members can make, because we are, as our name suggests, a guild that performs plays.

The plays we do are mostly written in-house, though we have several from outside the guild as well. What makes us unique is the fact that all of our plays are written and performed with a certain expectation and mark of quality. We rehearse things such as placement, line delivery, and the use of toys, spells, and other in-game effects to provide a unique visual aid for our stories. It isn’t something as mundane as reading off of a script, or even copying and pasting, as we do tend to trail off into improvisation from time to time as well, making no two shows truly alike.

Another thing that sets us apart as a guild is that we allow membership that does not have to leave their current guild to perform with us! With the advent of programs such as Discord and features like the community manager, the guild is more for…show, more so than anything else. While officer ranks are required to be part of the guild itself, members can be from any other guild and not have to quit to be a part of us.

This also means we accept Alliance membership, though some of our events do take place in Horde territory, as that is where many of our characters are tethered. That being said, we do try to make sure our events are in neutral areas as often as we can, even if a few events might slip through the cracks.

It should go without saying, but we are also an all-inclusive guild comprised of mature people and have a zero-tolerance policy for drama, hate speech, etc. Most if not all of us are adults who have no desire to deal with bigotry or immaturity of any sort, and we’re not here to tell people to play nice, so please…play nice. On that note, if a member of our guild or community exhibits such behaviors, please notify one of us with a screenshot of the behavior and we will deal with it promptly.

What Do We Do


As mentioned previously and…well, more or less all over the guild’s ad, we perform plays, both written in-house and from submissions. Over the years, we’ve done over thirty different shows, with the biggest and most well-known productions being but not limited to;

  • The Hellsqueal Trilogy ( a comedy about the life and downfall of former Warchief Garrosh Hellscream )
  • Beautiful Beast ( a WoW-ified take on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. Sorry, Karazhan fans! No talking dinnerware in this one!)
  • The Tale of Zombirella ( a tale of a young Forsaken woman seeking her true love by seeing where the missing appendage fits. No, not that one, dirty mind! )
  • Days of our Elves ( a spoof of over the top roleplaying tropes mixed with over the top soap opera storylines! )
  • How Garrosh Swindled Winter’s Veil ( Yes, it is exactly what you think it is )
  • It’s A Wonderful Unlife ( Another holiday-themed parody of the classic story of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, complete with cannibalism! )
  • Wrap of the Lunch King ( A collection of short Scourge-themed comedy skits ripe for abuse around Hallow’s End! )
  • Tales From The Burning Region ( It’s like Wrap of the Lunch King, but for demons! )
  • Cooking With Tyrants ( Garrosh hosts a cooking show with various guests, what could go wrong? )
  • The Altruist ( A precautionary tale about being generous to those who would take everything you have and are )
  • Waiting For Gul’dan ( A story about immense boredom between expansions, contextualized in-character, of course)

And much, much more! These are just some of the larger plays we’ve done in the past. Our archives consist of dozens of shorter performances, and we’ve even done a few one-offs here and there! In addition to plays, however, we also do other forms of entertainment! Fashion contests (transmog tournaments, as we call them), Comedy Clubs, and parties galore! We’re always looking for new ways to engage and entertain with the people of Wyrmrest Accord, as well as those from other servers who desire to phase in for our events and see what it’s all about.

In addition to our major productions, we perform smaller plays as well as part of our ‘street performances’, which are usually promotional towards our major productions or other events. There really is no ceiling to what we do, and odds are, if we think an idea sounds entertaining and fun, we’ll probably do something with it.

Who Are We Recruiting?


The Tirisfal Theatre has traditionally kept its ranks small, as we found it was easier to manage a cast of only a handful of members and create events that allowed all of them to have a shot in the spotlight. However, we’re looking to change things up a little bit in the future, and as such, we are now, until stated otherwise, always looking for people who align with our goals as a guild. These goals include but are not limited to the following;

  • Provide entertainment for the people of Wyrmrest Accord (Duh!)
  • Bring a unique experience that folks will remember fondly for years to come!
  • Give players who are either new to RP, anxious about it or don’t RP but are curious something to bridge them towards our community.
  • Give a common ground topic for RPers to meet one another, forge friendships, etc. that will enhance their RP experience and immersion.
  • Give to our community and take part in other people’s events as often as we can afford to, and be a reliable group to be called on.

While the ability to make our events as often as you are able (showing initiative) and following directions are important, these are what we aim for. We are seeking people who above all want to uphold these goals and provide their own creative touches to what we do. Someone could be a great actor with flawless delivery, and yet if they don’t hold a desire to give their best effort to the community and instead desire only to have a following from working with us, that’s not exactly someone we’re looking for.

Friendly. Creative. Passionate. These are words that describe the type of people we want, OOCly, even if the character one plays is not always such.

If you desire to apply, you need only contact Atos via Discord (GLA#0318) or an in-game mail to arrange a meeting, and we will give an interview and trial run for your character. This trial run is basically a month where you are invited to show up at events, interact with us both in and out of character, and we see if you’re a nice fit for our group. Through this, we hope to gauge your desire to be a part of the guild, as well as how well you interact with our members. Please know that even if you don’t make it into our ranks by the end of your trial period for reasons related to IRL keeping you away from event participation, it will not be held against you and you will be allowed to try again. Full details on the process will be given at the time of your interview.

Some in the past may have recalled a time when we did auditions using a set of short scripts. While we still use these during the interviewing process, it’s more of a tool to introduce you to how we operate with the plays, as this is an important aspect of performing with us. You will be instructed on the basics of the ‘chat bubble rule’ for line delivery, some common guidelines we follow, etc. Before your interview, you will be given a choice of a few scripts that you can use, alter, highlight, etc. for the performing part of your interview, should the role you’re applying for require it.

All in all, though, we’re pretty laid back, so you really don’t have much to worry about! So be sure to get out there and break a leg with us!



Q: Do you do request performances for other events?

A: As stated earlier in the post, yes, we do take requests from other groups and events to perform at specific times and dates, provided we can get the manpower for it. This is sometimes not possible, and usually, we’ll get back to you pretty quickly if we can’t take the time you’ve outlined for us. We do not charge for appearances and never will.

Q: Wait, what happened to Zephyrwise/Denfelath, the previous director? Who are you?

A: Fehl, whom I appointed as the new director of the Tirisfal Theatre back in 2019, had become significantly busier than anticipated, and running the troupe along with everything else was taking a toll on her health. She has worked hard for the troupe and deserves a rest, so I have returned to the role of director with a renewed passion and circumstance that allows me to continue as I had in the past. If you’ve never met me, hi, I’m Atos, and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Q: How often do you guys do big shows, like Hellsqueal?

A: Larger productions, in the past, were focused on far too prominently in the troupe, and resulted in a lot of lost momentum when we had to make sure everyone could make a specific date. It was also the cause for many of our events being rescheduled or outright canceled. Our aim moving forward is consistency, and thus, we will likely have fewer major productions done throughout the year, but to campaign and advertise them a little more frequently via more sporadic events and appearances. We also did this so that we could help other events out more often, as this was a massive obstacle in the way of us helping other events historically.

Q: Are you guys planning another Big Hallow’s End Bash?

A: For those who don’t know, The Hallow’s End Bash is an event we’d usually do. It was an annual event held on the third Friday of October (most years, anyway) to commemorate our very first public performance at Razor Hill, effectively our guild anniversary. While this year is going to be a little too hectic to host a Bash, we will be doing a show. We will consider doing another annual party, as despite how taxing they are, we’re constantly drawn back to the idea of this beloved one-night event, packed with events, prizes, stories, and unique shows.

Q: What do you do if you have an event on the same night as another major event?

A: As stated before, our events are made with the schedules of our crew in mind more than anything. Sometimes, this means we’ll coincide with another major event. While splitting an audience can sometimes be a hassle, I’m of the belief that having multiple major events in a single night to choose from is a sign of a healthy RP community more so than anything, and that there are enough people eager for something to do to that no event will be truly lacking. In short, we will press on with the event if we cannot find a better night.

Q: What other projects are you all working on? How often do you come out with new content?

A: As most of our plays are created in-house and follow a certain quality standard set by the guild, production can sometimes be quite slow. However, we try to have something new out as often as we can and have several plays that are about to be given either a thumbs up or thumbs down from the cast. Hopefully, the coming year will see an increase in our content variety, as we’ve done primarily comedy plays or rehashes of existing plays.

As for other projects, we are currently trying to get in-game machinima recordings of all of our plays, filmed IC-ly like a movie that will be placed on our YouTube channel (which needs a pretty big touch-up, I won’t lie)

Q: Do you guys have a social media page I can follow?

A: We sure do! Though they’re gathering dust a bit and might see a phase-out in some cases, we have the following;


Bear in mind, not all of these have been kept up to date, as we tended to focus mostly on the Tumblr page for awhile. Updates will come soon. These are also posted in the Social and Additional Media/Contact section of the post.

Social & Additional Media / Contact

Discord Contact: @GLA#0318
In-Game Mail: Atos (Horde)

Special Thanks

Crest designed by Jaylith
Hellsequel Poster by Gotosh

Upcoming Events & Appearances

(Please bear in mind all events are given their dates and times according to Wyrmrest Accord’s server time, which is Pacific Standard Time (PST), and almost no events we host will take place in war mode shards)



"The TTT’s 7th Anniversary Show!"
Friday, October 16th
7:00 PM Server Time (9:00 central)
Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands (WM Off)
Both Factions

The Tirisfal Theatre has reached its seventh year! Despite the ruts and butts, we’ve managed to stand the test of time, and are once more ready to perform for you to commemorate the third Friday of October, which has been the day of the yearly commemoration of our first ever major performance at Razor Hill!

Come enjoy this humble night of fun at Hearthglen, under the watchful eye of the Argent Crusade. Take part in our free-for-all Transmog Tournament, where the theme is ‘Free-For-All’, and we choose the best-dressed people for fantastic prizes! Come thirty minutes early for a parade to the stage location, be a part of the beauty in one of our famed Fireworks displays where you can join in the explosive fun and light the night with marvelous colors!

And we will also be unveiling our newest project, a short comedy-horror performance just in time for Hallow’s End. Perhaps a bit too early, some might say!

These and more await you, your friends, your family, your guildies, your pets, heck, your grandmother, even. All are welcome to attend our show, be you a humble gnome, a hulking tauren, Alliance, Horde, even from another server. Come help us commemorate seven fantastic years on October 16th!

We hope to see you there!


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


Greetings and salutations, Wyrmrest Accord! I hope I find you well, this day! This is our official announcement that the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe is returning to production as of today. It’s been a rough year for everyone, and those of you who knew our previous director, Fehl, may be confused as to why this ginger elf is suddenly taking her place.

Well, to put it short, she had to step down due to other obligations, and I volunteered to return to the director’s chair to oversee the troupe once more. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the original founder of the Tirisfal Theatre, Atos, and I am excited and with a renewed passion for this project!

Though it’s stated in the opening post, I’d like to let you all know that a few changes have become the new standard for the TTT. For one, we are now a neutral guild for the most part. We may still have an occasional Horde only event due to location and many of our limitations due to the faction split are still a mild hinderance, but with the advent of Potion of Tongues and addons such as CrossRP, we saw little reason to not get more interest and input from the blue side of the fence.

Many of our events for the remainder of the year are still being discussed and worked on internally, but you can expect the Upcoming Events tab to see changes in the coming days as we get details hammered out.

If you are interested in joining the troupe, you need only reach out via the contact information provided in the master post, and we’ll set something up. Our recruitment doors are always open, so long as we can find dedicated, creative visionaries who truly want to entertain the masses. Please check out the master post above for all the information we’ve provided about the guild, and post if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.!

I look forward to our time together.


Small bump to re-emphasize that we are looking for more friendly, dedicated faces to hop aboard this wild ride. Experience great or small, we are happy to work with you. We strive to create something truly great and unique together, and we could never do that without the awesome, individual creativity of many minds. If you want to change the way people think about using the gamespace. If you like creating immersion- existing in a living, breathing World of Warcraft. If you’re just here for the lulz and jokes and joy of performance. This might be the Troupe for you.


Oh my gods! I was hoping you guys were still around! I tell everyone about the Halloween party I went to a few years ago that yall hosted. Loved it! I definitely hope you guys do more events like that.

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I’m so happy you guys are back! It is always a blast watching you guys perform! Can’t wait to attend the events!

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We’ve been around still, and never disbanded, but the last several months were very rough on our director and she had to step down. 2020 is not a great year for anyone. Couple that with a pretty lukewarm and lackluster expansion, and yeahhhhh it hasn’t been the best motivating time for any one of us. But Shadowlands looks very promising and provides some unique roleplaying opportunities!

While I touched up on this a bit in the FAQ section, I wouldn’t expect a Big Bash event this year just because of how soon it’s upcoming (and how the third Friday is going to be starting earlier on in the month than in previous years. Thanks, Roman calendar!) but we do want to throw more events like that more often than simply once every year. We will see what the future brings. B)

We can’t wait to show you! We’re all pretty excited, we just need a bit of help from both factions to really bring the arts back! SO if you know anyone who loves the idea and is bursting with ideas of their own, and want to help make involved, free-flowing and easy to engage in events for the entire server and beyond to enjoy, please send them our way! I can be reached both via in-game mail or Discord, whichever is more convenient! :slight_smile:

Giving this a slap on the knee to bump it!

Been working with the Troupe for a good few years now! And while I don’t carry the guild tag over my head, I’ve been glad to be a ‘member’ so to speak with them.

It’s an incredibly unique experience, and definitely something I encourage those to seek out to participate in. If you’re passionate about storytelling, improv and role play you’ll like the troupe. It’s Roleplay withen Roleplay! Re-enacting events, retelling stories with comedy
and bringing entertainment to everyone in engaging and dazzling ways

I do not regret the day I asked to help in performing, and even in my nervousness before performances the pay off is worth it and seeing everyone happy is worth it.

So please! Consider reaching out to Atos! Let your character climb the latter of performance and add aspiring actor to your TRP :wink: , because it always feels good to receive a bouquet of roses .

See you all around and break a leg!

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Had a small street performance today in Silvermoon. A few folks passed by, but as it was spontaneous I didn’t anticipate a huge crowd. Got some good practice in with an adaptation of an Abbot and Costello classic.

I agree about 2020. I was on hiatus for over a year and am just now getting back to the forums so it’s good to see yall never left. I think about that party all the time and I’m really glad I took screenshots while I was there. I will absolutely be keeping an eye on the forum here for any events you guys might be hosting.

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Giving this another bump!

We’re actually looking pretty hard right now for new folks! A lot of activity has been killed by end-of-expansion blues, and with our shifts beginning to focus on middle of the week events over weekend events, we’re in need of a more versatile group.

And remember, we’re recruiting Alliance folks as well, and would love to see you all.

Recruitment efforts haven’t turned out fantastic, admittedly, but we’re determined! We still need more cast members to put on our shows, and we don’t need the best of the best! Just those who are friendly, driven, and have a creative streak! Which is most people I know, so odds are it’s you, too! What are you waiting for?

Apply today! You don’t even have to leave your guild or your faction!

Thespians? In THIS economy? It’s more likely than you might think.

Regardless, you absolutely ought to check the TTT out if you have even the slightest interest in roleplay. The feeling of seeing the server come together to witness a performance that you’re a part of is absolutely priceless and extremely rewarding.

I can also attest that Atos is a fantastic dude who is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s like a golden retriever on bloodthistle. His scripts are hilariously clever and laden with amazing references, but don’t let that stop you from coming up with your own ideas. Improv is improvement, after all!

Poke these people with the interest stick. Bet you won’t. Don’t be shy.

Do it.


I’ll have you know I’ve been clean for approximately thirty.


…what? It’s medical.

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Giving this a bump, but also letting people know that my in-game time the past several days has been rather limited. If you’ve been attempting to catch me online, I apologize for the absence. I can be reached much easier on discord at GLA#0318. I’ll try to be more attentive - it’s been a rough past few days.

I’m glad to see you guys are coming back. I always enjoyed your shows!

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We’re certainly trying! It’s a little rough, shaking the cobwebs off, but we should have our first month of appearances fully listed by the 1st! :slight_smile:

Bumping this! We’ll be updating our events for October on the 1s, so keep this thread bookmarked if you’re interested in making it to our shows!

Also, welcome to our newest members, Luna and Ji’sho!

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Welcome aboard new folks!

Given the recent arrival of a thread made by a Walmart type guild, bump.

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Well I’m certainly not one to turn down a free bump.

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