{N} The 1001st Night🧞( 50,000 Gold Genie Costume Contest, June 14th)

Title: {N}:genie:The 1001st Night :genie:
Date: Tuesday, June 14th
Time: 8:00pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3))
Location: Ramkahen Legion Outpost, Uldum, Kalimdor, Azeroth
Discord: https://discord.gg/68ukdbQ44h
Addons: Mrp or TRP, Musician

Event Description: On Tuesday, June 14th at 8:00pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) in Ramkahen Legion Outpost, Uldum, Kalimdor, Azeroth, you’re invited to the 1001st Night, a neutral desert oasis party, for all to enjoy! This relaxing and refreshing event will feature food and brew, fortune telling, hookah, meeting new friends, a 50,000 Gold Genie Costume Contest, Live music, Fireworks, and more! Come on out to the 1001st night, your wish is our command!

Event Activities:
  • Food and Brew!

  • Fortune Telling!

  • Hookah!

  • Meeting new friends!

  • 50,000 Gold Genie Costume Contest!

  • Live music!

  • Fireworks!

Event Booths:
  • Booth One: The Serpent’s Den Tavern, Restaurant and Bar (Alcohol and Food)

  • Booth Two: The Ardent Aegis, Hookah Bar

  • Booth Three: Card Mistress’s Readings, Tarot Reading

Event Timeline:
  • 8:00pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) Lilycress Jambag, Reva, Royal Victualler Thane Alice Dawford will welcome all the guests as the The 1001st Night begins!

  • 8:05pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) Reva will give a brief welcoming speech!

  • 8:15pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) Lilycress Jambag will do a brief welcoming toast!

  • 8:20pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) Royal Victualler Thane Alice Dawford will go over brief event announcements!

  • 8:25pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) All event booths open and Umbry Ravenspire begins playing his wonderful music!

  • 9:30pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) The Genie Costume Contest for 50,000 gold begins!

  • 10:00pm ((MG SERVER TIME <3)) All Event Booths close and the event ends with a grand fireworks display!

Thank you to:
  • Lilycress Jambag

  • Reva

  • Royal Victualler Thane Alice Dawford

  • Alor’ei “Tient” Arrowbard

  • Kira Soulstar

  • Lady Zariasona Emberspirit

  • Lord Nath’alis Emberspirit

  • Umbry Ravenspire

  • The Ardent Aegis

  • Xanoic Entertainment

  • Card Mistress’s Readings

  • The Serpent’s Den Tavern

  • Our wonderful guests, like you! :heart:


Genie Costume Contest!!

I am excited!

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Sounds fun!

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Gonna be a blast!

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Genies, I love it!

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I’ll try not to get sand in mei boots! :boot:

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Thanks for setting all these events up and stuffs!

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Thank you for your support :sparkler: :sparkling_heart:

Any Genie costume? Gold genie costumes? Any specifications for what to wear?

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Any Genie :genie: :sparkles:

Oooo ok ty. Imma do my best.

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Looking forward to this event! :beers:

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