[N-RP] Theatrical Play: "The Golden Pears"

Hear ye, hear ye, across the Four Realms! As a follow-on to our Costume Contest of last week, the Bards of the Lion will be hosting a theatrical fairy tale play of the story of “The Golden Pears,” and we are looking for potential thespians!

When: 6pm MDT, 9 September (auditions), 14 September (rehearsal), 19 September (Show time)
Where: Old Dalaran, by the Fishing Fountain
Roles Available: Farmer’s son (3), Farmer (Male or Female), King/Queen, Guard, Princess, Old Crone or Hermit, Stagehand

For Auditions: Be prepared to improvise a scene as your chosen role. Come with or without a prepared costume. Those trying out for Farmer’s son gain a bonus if they have a basket prop they can carry. Depending on how many audition, there is a high percent chance those who try out will be cast as something ! Or multiple things. Please be prepared to attend at least the show day (19 Sept, 6pm MDT), as rehearsals can be conducted separately if need be.

Contact Cerulana-CC or Dalton-SoE for more information!