[N-RP] The Rusty Nail Tavern!

🏴‍☠️ Welcome to The Rusty Nail! 🏴‍☠️

The Blackwater Company is happy to announce a Neutral RP event upon the Isle of Blackwake at the Rusty Nail Tavern! We are enjoying the energy and the RP an event like this brings to get people out of the city and into cross faction RP!

WHO: Anyone on Moon Guard Alliance or Horde! This is a neutral event!

WHAT: A tavern night with business opportunities, drinks, and music!

WHEN: July 19th 7-9pm RT

WHERE: The Isle of Blackwake (OOC Proxy Rustberg Village, Tol Barad)

Tavern hours are 7pm RT to 9pm RT, please contact myself, Persefaní, or Alonar if you have any questions!

Now we have a discord! https://discord.gg/UWVxpny96y


The Rusty Nail is open tonight! It is also our summer brawl tournament. A small group of fighters brawl by the pits; drunk or sober, who knows. Each has a chance at winning some nice prize money!

-- July 26th Dinner Special - -
The Poorman’s Feast:
The leftovers from the Fancyman’s Feast. Bits of charcuterie of the finest selection of smoked and salt-cured meats and fish plated with bread, exotic cheese, fresh fruit, olives, and wild nuts from around Azeroth. You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.

Thank you to all the people that came out to enjoy the brawl tournament as well as those that participated. Excited for a more quiet evening next Tuesday at the tavern before planning our Fall Brawl.

We are open tonight if you are not in your mad rush to do season 3 redux! Cause what really is different?

The Rusty Nail is open tonight! We will have limited staff as many people are going to ToA, but we would still like to open for those who are looking for something a bit quieter than that tonight!

See you there!

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We are open tonight!

Tonight’s Special: Kodo Cubanos - Slow roasted kodo, cut in thin slices and stacked with Durotar ham, Barrens mustard, Harry’s famous pickles, and swiss cheese all on a fresh roll. Served with a side of pirate slaw.