[N-RP] Monthly Concerts!

Greetings to all Bards, Troubadours, and Musicians alike!

The Queen of Bards is looking for aspiring and professional artists to volunteer to showcase their talents in a monthly event, where such artist or band gets the stage all to themselves!

The Esteemed Lana Dalton is offering her event coordinator services to put YOU on the stage and get you the fame and notoriety you deserve. You choose the venue, you choose the date, and Lana will find you an audience.

With B3*Witched already putting on a show during the Lunar Festival at the end of this month (January) at the Darkmoon Faire, the first concert will be in February. Stay tuned for the yearly line-up as we fill the roster, and post here or reach out to any of the Bards of the Lion if interested in participating (doesn’t have to be as a performer; stage managers and visual effects personnel, and/or MCs are welcome!).


Line-up Currently:

January 30 @8pm MST, Star Lake Amphitheater: B3*Witched
February 16 @7pm MST, Amber Ledge: Jeraboh Denator
March 30 @8pm MDT, Fate’s End, Stormsong Valley: Bards of the Lion
April 27 @TBD, Talador or Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor): Mira
May: TBD
June: TBD
July: TBD
August: TBD
September: TBD
October: TBD
November: TBD
December: TBD

Other Artists Interested (Awaiting Dates):
Tabitha Bartan
Eleya Stargazer
Caerys Anya Silyne Shadethorn

Bards of the Lion holding their concert tomorrow at 8pm MDT in Stormsong (Northwestern most remote island). Contact Cerulana-CenarionCircle for more details! Musician Addon recommended for the finale!