Myzreal Horde - DM North Tarnished Rings

Hello fellow Horde Myzrealians,
I’m often in Diremaul North and if you’d like to be considered for a Tarnished Elven Ring, send me an inquiry via in-game mail.
Rogues/Hunters/Druids - I charge 25 gold for the ring.
Warriors sorry, it takes you two different invisibility pots so you cost 30g (unless you want to bring your own lesser and normal - you’ll need both kinds). If you bring your own it’s 25g.
You’ll need to be willing to jump into game chat with me so I can navigate you as to what paths you need to take.

*P.s. *
Also, if you are a hunter struggling with your Rhok’delar bow demons I’m always happy to help a fellow hunter out. Feel free to send an in-game message.
:bow_and_arrow: Happy hunting! :bow_and_arrow: