Mythic Taragrue - Mechanics are For Cars

Good Morning Everyone!

My name’s Sumato, I’m the GM for Mechanics are for Cars and I was hoping to have some new faces join us for a Mythic Tarragrue on Monday at 7 EST (I would like like have people log on and start trash at 6:45) to get a kill in before the lockout.

With school restarting and last minute vacations in the wake of mitigated COVID19 restrictions, we’re short our usual members. If you like our style, and general mood of raiding and want to continue running with us afterwards on our usual heroic runs I’m more than happy to welcome you in too. We’re not actively recruiting any specific roles, but it’s hard to say no to a nice person that can raid well :slight_smile:

If you’re interested look for the post in LFM at 6:45 PM EST onwards, or send in-game mail to Sumato-Black Dragonflight.

Have a lovely remainder of the weekend!