Mythic + Tanks state of the game

No, I mean, tanks can pull groups of enemies that the group has no chance of surviving the indirect damage of. You misunderstood my statement. Tanks can and will make pulls that only they can survive, even if nobody does anything wrong. There is unavoidable aoe damage in this game, certain debuffs stacked too many times can destroy groups instantly and it doesn’t matter how in control the tank is.

It’s bad design, tanks shouldn’t be able to take on this much. Nor do they need to. There is never a gameplay advantage to what tanks are capable of doing, outside of normal-+5 level gameplay. It’s a joke and it doesn’t serve anyone.

100% uptime on shield block, 100% uptime on IP. Able to tank in battle stance till 16+. Great leech, great rage gain = more revenge for damage and more IP = LESS damage taken, Spell reflect, great mobility.

Need to say more?

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Then advocate for a change in M+ culture/design. If tanks where what you wanted the game would shrivel and die because only the smallest % would tank. The culture of the game has moved beyond that. No way around it. What you want from dungeons is actually what is in raiding. And I for one do not want to go back to the slow paced dungeons which puts me in line with the current culture. You seem to be arguing against it.

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It’s not a cultural problem lol. The paladin tank in one my HoV +14 runs solo’d odyn for 3 phases and won the encounter alone. The key was already bricked when we engaged, but it shouldn’t be possible to do that in a +14 key. They weren’t more or less geared than I am. This is an objective balance problem.

Tanks are imbalanced, it’s okay to let go of an overpowered ability in a multiplayer game. It’s more than okay, it’s what you and the washed up devs at blizzard need to do. Nobody “wants” to lose their overpowered status. It is what it is though, and it can’t stay this way. Not if this game is to be anything more than a meme to bully nerds over.

I’ve largely ignored your posts because I’ve considered them trolling in bad faith. But I’m going to pause for just a second and ask if you’ve thought this out at all. Already tanks are a high pressure position in any group, you’re arguing that a tank should be made worse and unable to actually tank without any other statement than ‘it’s overpowered’. By what standard? Because the way the game is designed, it’s not only not OP it’s required. Hats off to a paly that can play that well.

Making tanks wheelchair DPS that fall over at the slightest breeze without a healer massively constrains game design in extremely bad ways. Ways blizz is currently exploring with every tank that is not Pwarr, Ppal, and BDK. Making a game unfun is a great way to lose players, just saying. Hence why it’s extremely hard for me to take your posts as anything but bad faith trolling. Because unlike FF14 where if I want to do a different job I can just change weapon, WoW doesn’t allow that. So ultimately it de-facto pushes people away from critical roles when changes like this are made.

So please explain why you think this won’t harm the game excessively. Because I’m 99.95% sure it would.


10.0.5 changes:

Oh look at that.

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Not enough

don’t forget blur for DH tanks.

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Yes look at that. Dominating tank populations, no mention of overperforming.

But anyway, math is in.
The nerfs work out around 6-7% more physical damage. From blockable attacks.
No change when crit blocking.
BrV is still probably worth it over FbV because it interacts with our teir set.

Minor tuning because they are based on population size and not overperforming.

What do you think influences population size and representation? You are so dense. Also that “6-7%” will add to the 5% nerf when other tanks received 10.

Again with the personal attack…dude chill.

Are you talking about the overall 10% nerf to all classes but pwar only had 5% to vanguard? The other 5% was added to def stance for a ten percent total.

Which was effectively 5% since PWars are in Battle Stance half the time.

Grow thicker skin if you think being called dense is a personal attack.

So you think people would flock to a spec that is underperforming at a rate of 40% of the total population? They did because they are overperforming.

But you guys don’t even use defensive stance.

That’s like if they added bonus armor to Moonkin Form and claimed it was a Guardian buff.

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There are prot warriors tanking most of +24/5 keys in Battle Stance. Only swapping for tough pulls or tank busters. This nerf was a slap on the wrist. Hey look guys we did something. Can everyone shut up now? That’s exactly how this nerf reads.


Remove battle stance, give us brez or lust.

LMAO report me then. You are 100% dense.

LMAO says you , the guy who reported my warlock and I can’t even post on it anymore. you troll all day on forum and report others and when others try to report you , you call them names. very mature. clearly you don’t even care about the subject so why are you even posting here? you are just here to troll.

So you play intentionally worse. Got it, keep doing those 14s I guess.

No, I play the game. You get micromanaged by an addon.