Mythic Sire Denathrius Tuning Adjustment

Nerfed for stragglers ok :+1:

we were calling him donny but… yea… so changed it to danny

but Denny is probably the more logical choice.


No council of blood? >.>

I’m going to assume there are no additional add spawns in those 15 seconds?

“…Donny…Donny who loved bowling…”

I would post the clip but…language…so I’ll settle for this:

Goodnight, sweet Prince…


I could go for a grand slam.
Denny it is.
Wiggles toes

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Good change. I’m actually kinda surprised it took this long for Sire to receive any sort of noteworthy nerf.

We were probably going to end up getting him down this weekend but this is a pretty good nerf to P3 without inadvertently nerfing P1 and P2 (and in that regard buffing those phases significantly on farm) that’ll probably ensure that we’ll get him down anyway.

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How would it change if he were a pediatrician? I feel hilarious and adorable.

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This is the first nerf to mythic Sire the entire tier, which is unheard for end bosses to not go through tons of nerfs.

it took me too long to get it but LOL

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It’s really important that those people should know their place, which apparently isn’t mythic raiding, eh?

Cool, very cool, I’ll take any nurfs.

Feel free to add some on to Counsel and beyond as well. Just for kicks and giggles. Tide us over till 9.1, you know?

toe wiggling intensifies

You’re wild.

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Something to point out, this also helps out with teams that are running less-than-ideal comps.

We had a bunch of 1% wipes before we killed him, including pulls where everyone survived the entire fight, we just didn’t have enough DPS.

And even on our kill, just as an example, if instead of 2 Shadow Priests we had 2 other specs that did less P3 damage, we wouldn’t have gotten the kill (our first kill was a very close thing, as it is for many teams!).

Suppose a team has only 1 Warrior, or 1 Monk, and they can’t make it one night. Under the old system, if you were still progging, might as well not bother, because the DPS check could be so tight in P3 and now they’re missing a critical buff/debuff.

This nerf turns a 2% wipe into a kill. That’s a good change, just because Blizzard refuses to balance specs and classes properly.


What a time to be alive. If only I was motivated to raid mythic. Or to play the game in general


9.1 are we there, yet?

no, the mythic version works a bit different.

Dude, literally you’re asking for a harder fight?

What a freak lmao


Yeah but this helps out more guilds and players. Not wanting to help others goes against everything you’ve been saying lately.

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It’s the end of the tier. Why would people care if a few more guilds cleared Mythic CN?

I certainly don’t.
Wiggles toes