Mythic raider looking for a mythic and ce focused

Class / Spec : DK UH/Blood/frost

Class / spec: Palli Ret/Prot

Class/ spec : enh shaman

Faction : Horde

Cleard :s1 9/9N 9/9H s2 8/9M s3 7/9M

Btag: sparkytiz#11424

Discord : sparkytiz

Logs: .www.warcraftlogs. com/character/us/dalaran/umbraspark#partition=1

Logs: .www.warcraftlogs. com/character/us/malganis/lucemspark#zone=33

Logs: .www.warcraftlogs. com/character/us/malganis/auraspark#zone=31&difficulty=4

Availability: Monday- thursday any time after 8pm est till around 1230 est time is a little flexiable

Those are the 3 classes i played these last 3 seasons, looking to keep pushing towards CE in war within and beyond, mainly play melee dps and have been thinking with the rework on stats trying out ww again,currently do not really know what i plan on playing in the expac but i have a list currently that does and will change based off of changes in alpha and beta which i can give to you glady if you ask but those are kinda the top 4 im thinking atm with a heavy lean atm to palli,monk, enh, dk, but with some hunter splashed in for a range type deal. Can tank on a pretty high level as well, I am a pretty competitive person who does try and always improve and make themselves better. Currently playing dk since it was the most geared just to get through the season atm and find a grp and didn’t to really want to regear one of the lower ilvl alts atm but to reiterate for war within not really sure what i will be playing but the listed characters above are probably the highest choice. Taking it a bit slower and paying more attention to alpha and beta but would like to find something to jump into to kinda get to know the grp and have everything set up for launch type deal. Also for the logs just remove the . and the space before com :smiley:

Hello There Umbraspark!

We are Gamer Down, a new guild formed during S3 of Dragonflight.

Our current progression is 2/8M, 3/9M, and 4/9M in the awakened raids. We are looking to add more players to our mythic roster for s4 and The War Within to push for CE. We also have a ton of m+'ers who love to push keys!

Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 10pm - 1am EST

Message our Raid Leader to Apply:
Discord: aartlay
Bnet: <Aartlay#1235>

Reach out with any questions
Discord: baconic
Bnet: <Baconator#11729>

You can view our full post here: