Mythic plus ran, no keystone recieved

i completed a mythic +2 and did not recieve a keystone. i did get a belt, so i have equipped that but recieved no keystone
19 hours ago
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19 hours ago
Good evening, Mark.

I’m Game Master Jhalzeepan and I hope that the day is treating you well so far.

I understand that recently you completed a Mythic dungeon and did not receive a Mythic Keystone.

Upon review of your recent dungeon and the loot received at the end did not include a Keystone for you though other members of the same party did receive one. That’s quite unusual and a very good reason to report an issue

With this being a newly reported bug and pending investigation, we’re sadly unable to step in and offer assistance manually but hopefully things will be fixed up asap so you are not affected going forward! <3

If you have any additional details, the best thing to do is reach out to our developers and include any additional information or details about your experience in the form of a bug report. This can be done through the ingame help UI or on our bug report forums:

Thanks again for contacting us today. I hope I can help out more next time our paths cross!
17 hours ago
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16 hours ago
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14 hours ago
Yet another mythic plus… still no key… plz fix.
14 hours ago
did another Mythic 2… STILL no key!!!
13 hours ago
sigh… another mythic 2… still no keystone… this is the 6th mythic plus ive done and not recieved a keystone…
12 hours ago
mythic +5 run… timed… still no freaking keystone! ugh… can i have a lime green mechostrider for all this touble and noone helping fix my issue, please? ive played wow for quite some time… this is really not cool. :frowning:
moments ago
hey guys, i know you folks are very busy. and i totally understand that feeling. i myself am very busy aswell. i had to quit my job and stay home to care for my mother who just started chemotherapy this week, about 2 days ago in fact. so i truly understand being busy. and real life does happen. im the Guild Master of a guild also, as im sure you can tell. We promote mental health awareness and community outreach and also have a few non-profit outreach programs our members run, i even did a full real life gaming PC giveaway to a member that we held a contest for the best story of a time when helping someone with the smallest of things made a huge impact on them and how small actions can have huge impacts on others lives. so honestly, I, we, understand being busy. i am one of, if not our main tank in the guild. and not being able to have my own keystone to help our members is a little bit hindering us as a whole. and i understand for now I am able to work around this issue by running other peoples keys, but sometimes my members dont have a keystone to run at all. and im unable to get them one in an easy way as i dont have one to run myself and my time is very limited and i sacrifice almost all my available time to help my guild. (i dont have too much time do to this because of mothers cancer treatments, doc appointments etc) so when i saw my ticket wait time as 11days and 10 hours lastnight it really hurt. again, i understand you are busy and i dont want to take this to fourums. i know that can cause a bit of havoc so id rather just seek help here, where its supposed to be. however now the ticket wait time says unavailable. again, i understand you folks are busy, and i know its probably not healthy to rely on this game to be my stress relief, but its been great to me for years, and its been a great community. However right now, i have nothing else to do to try to get my mind off of my IRL issues, and this is all i have. so please folks… find me a fix. even if its a random mythic 2 keystone generated into mail or inventory. I think im going to take some screenshots of this ticket and if not against terms of service if unansered still… i may post in forums to try to get the attention of someone who can help me. a.k.a a GM or dev team member. thank your for your time and willingness to read the info about my situation and how desperatly important this game is to me, my mental health, and to my guild. thank you again, and i hope you all have happy halidays in the upcoming weeks. ~IGotYourLoot

Still no resolution from ingame help. maybe someone here has had this issue or suggestions?

sorry ment to post from this toon profile. it would make more sense as it was this toon with the issue

Can confirm that this was the case as I was the fury warrior in his runs and he didn’t get his key this is honestly crappy considering that he put in the work for several peoples keys and was given a piece of loot instead of just a key that is all the man wants.

Mythic plus community would appreciate this fix. :+1:

I was on this toon while in the dungeon

you do understand the answer and the solution applicable at the time was provided you by GM already.

p.s. not to mention, they just pushed a solution for your problem to the live servers probably around the same time you created this thread.

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A lot of people must be having this issue so an npc has been added to valdrakken who will issue players with a keystone.

vendor has been there since server went live. just went and rechecked. she would give me a key. thank you for the info. and to the person saying the GM gave me a solution, that is untrue at the time. as the problem persisted. thank you Havii for mentioning the keystone vendor as it made me recheck it again. a couple hours ago she would not give an option for a keystone. i had not noticed the hotfix due to haveing RL stuff i had to do for my mother.

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Correct. If you should have received a Mythic+ Keystone and you did not, please speak to Lindormi in Valdrakken to receive one.


you must have missed my last post by a minute. the person was not giving me that option till just now.

this is absolutely true. GM told you to report a bug (the solution) and also said they had no ability to hand over you the key.

and that was in the bug report section. so in fact… i did report one.

cool, you did great!

The question here of course, which everyone was asking yesterday, is where was this NPC to begin with ?

Funneling everyone into a M0 for a key is so BFA. SL had fixed it with the NPC near vault.

We shouldn’t regress obvious QoL improvements.


Somewhat related, but tell whoever came up with the new version of Jade Serpent and did not prioritize its proper testing to rethink his position as a WoW dev. It’s currently one of the most frustrating dungeons i’ve run. It’s the opposite of fun in every imaginable way. Fish boss is extremely buggy, with water beam wiping us many times because its completely disregarding the visual and hitting us even if we are nowhere near close to it. The trash packs range from simple to hair-tearing anger because some are just extremely punishing to ranged-heavy groups or simply deal a crapton of damage even on lower key levels. 3rd boss also seems to be dealing a extremely high amount of damage to the tank as well.

It has basically teached us to avoid that place like plague because of how broken and overtuned it is right now.

Sorry to be the one to inform you, you’ll get your keystone from a mythic zero… Anyways its not much better on the other side of things. Ive tanked like 25+ mythic + dungeons for 1 piece of loot. This is absolute dog $hit.

Yeah I tried to find an NPC because I did all M0s week 1 and week 2 with several characters. Kinda dumb to be forced to do an M0 just to get a keystone when you don’t need M0 loot anymore