Mythic+ Player LF Key Pushers

raider (dot) io/characters/us/tichondrius/Drangin

I’ve always been “good not great” at pushing keys, usually I excel at most things that I do but lack the network of people to play with.

I’ve joined the discords, but no one looks for average rated DPS so I get no responses.

I wanna be a 3k+ pumper on my main, and eventually wanna be a part of a group that can sell runs/carries.

Maybe the occasional raid would be good, I usually get AOTC the patches that I play, rarely try for CE because I get pretty upset at spending time waiting for slower people to learn the fights and wiping to other people’s mistakes over and over again.

So in short, LF a chill group of people to do Mythic+ dungeons with, either a community of some sort or a guild. Currently I main an Enhancement Shaman, but I like to play whatever the flavor of the month is (I’m gearing up a BM hunter) and have almost all max level characters, or if they’re not max they’re level 60.

Super easy going person, usually make jokes, cannot stress enough how chill I am and really don’t want anyone too high strung. Just people that are good at the game, reliable and like to push keys. Where the homies at