Mythic+ Peeps/Push Group/People to play with 2.0

Currently a 247 Prot Pally looking for people to do mythic plus together.
NA. Horde. Area-52
My current .io is 2,328 and looking to go higher. I have put together a push group that runs Sunday mornings for a few hours, but I wouldn’t mind having more people to run with on other days in the week, or even if we needed people to be able to sub in on Sundays.

I’m west coast, and typically am available roughly 6pm till midnight AZ time M-F. (9pm and later for east coasters) and most times Sat and Sun.

For what its worth, I’m rather easy going person and not an angry tank (been complimented on that a few times in pugs) and I’ve been tanking for many years so I’m knowledgeable but am always willing to learn and grow as a player. (gets along well with others KEK) :slight_smile:
Not looking to be super sweaty per say, but I do like me some harder content.

Also looking for friends to play parts of the game that are tedious without peeps/friends. like Choreghast or spamming 15-18s with each week just for fun or to make sure to get those 3 chest options, so feel free to add me even if all you wanna do is have people to play with. :slight_smile:

Discord - Devil#5090 (this might be easier to communicate at first)
Devil#13268 for bnet.

Hey you still looking??

sure am, Add me!

247 Venthyr rsham looking for a solid group, too! Request sent!

Hey still looking? Ele sham here lf group or some peeps to play some keys and maybe push BT Hailst#1184 / Disc Hailnd#1271