Mythic Keystone Dungeons Temporarily Disabled [Resolved]

Bobby is light years ahead of Ion in the realm of “problem” people for Blizzard.


Oh I know for sure they can and I can outperform those classes. But does that mean I’ll get invited to a key or can put together a key with people that can time and aren’t just +15s looking for a carry? No. And that’s my point.

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In live?

Think the situation is they’re mad they made them to live so now have to be fixed by disabling parts of the game.

I don’t care about “Blizzard’s problems”. I care about my problems with WoW. Kotick only overlaps with those problems to the extent he hasn’t laid off Hazzikostas and Ybara yet.

Again, Kotick may be a problem but I don’t really care about that. I mean I do but I don’t.

From what my friends who got to experience this F-Up said, it was actually super fun to do keys without no affixes. Still challening but a lot less annoying. Imagine if you just… got rid of them for good.


Wait, after 20 years, people are still made that porting things to live causes bugs? Have we forgotten that the original devs spent the first 10 years slapping spaghettis code on top of itself in a way that can’t be fixed?

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Yeah it was nice to focus just on the mechanics of the dungeon itself and not be so distracted by affixes. The kicks and whatnot were onpoint. It was a fun run.


Also what’s going on with the catalyst charges, got the quest to go talk to guy today, but no charge or follow up quest.

Guess it’s not supposed to drop until next week, but then why the quest this week.

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This is strange to me. It’s about the equivalent of saying heroic raid is more fun that mythic because there less mechanics which makes it less difficult.

If people want easy mode, let’s just all be honest and ask for easy mode.

People are still doing m+, keys still function and loot is provided, just affixes arn’t working, you might just want to take the instance server down if you can’t do it right lol.

Excuses excuses.

It’s all cost savings. Why spend time and money to extensively test anything before launching when you can push it live, let the customers test it, and then fix the largest blunders post launch.


I wonder when you’ll be honest about what you’re saying to me.

You can pretend like you “don’t understand” the difference between distractions and mechanics. I really don’t care about your agenda to label everything you disagree with as lazy.

But the truth is that dungeons have changed A TON since M+ affixes were introduced and they have plenty of mechanics and scaling to interact with. Adding puddles and tiny volcano is hardly a “mechanic” or “difficult.” It’s just diarrhea on the ground, distracting from the real dungeon mechanics.


I guess we are pretending that players don’t complained about down time and extended maintenance.

Just to clarify, if a boss has a dispel, soak, puddle or output check… it’s a mechanic.

But if an affix adds a dispel, soak, puddle or output check… it’s diarrhea.

Actual comedy.


We get it, you’re mad. No one here cares about what is effecting you.

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This complaint would have more weight if you guys didn’t whine about AA or AV having mechanics, lol.


Of course, part of the same problem.

They don’t want to spend the money to have fully tested updated and ready to go servers to transparently transfer us to. Instead they just take the whole thing offline for at least an hour a week.

How many other services, amazon, youtube, face book etc. have this much down time? WoW can have more down time in a week then I’ve seen from some of these other services in ten years.

I care about what is impacting me, lol. I don’t care if you don’t care, I’m going to say my piece, lol.

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We are comparing wow… to amazon. LoL. I am 100% sure there is no difference in their resources.


Apparently, no game can have problems according to this player base.

I have played absolutely TONS of mmo’s over the last 17 plus years and I have yet to play one that don’t have issues on occasion.

I would love to see these people make a game with zero bugs on launch, during a patch or absolutely ever and still have the game going strong 17 years later with zero bugs. And while WoW sure isn’t where it once was, it’s still in the millions and a 17 year old game sure can’t complain about that.

I would honestly love to see that. And no, I’m not taking up for Blizzard. I have definitely had my issues over the years. But to expect a game to have zero issues is completely unrealistic. But this is the WoW player base. The player base that gets off on bashing the devs of the game they continue to play.

Ya, and WoW is technically much simpler and works at a scale many magnitudes smaller then amazon.

So LoL is correct. You’d think they’d nail it.

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