Mythic Keystone Dungeons Temporarily Disabled [Resolved]

But they’re finally fixing bears next patch!

No, really!




They have done that… Though only because Baron escaped… only once!

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Oh man, that sounds hilarious, though. Would have liked to have been in a bugged game before they caught it hahaha.

Yes, because BFA Azerite was such a good replacement for tier…


For the first 3 or so bosses… yes the added mechanics are literally more puddles, soaks and dodges.

It really was. Instead of abandoning it they just need to remove some traits and balance the rest.

These dungeons are once again available for play, thank you for your patience.


Caving to a vocal minority, yeah.

Yeah, don’t even get me started on that stuff. We are in store for two seasons of pink tank dominance in a row. Lol. Technically tank balance is closer this tier but in terms of player perception it doesn’t really matter if people only want to invite Pallies.

Oh look, it’s back. Pitty you felt like you needed to unsub because something was bugged and unavailable for 2 hours. If that’s your reply to the mildest bit of adversity…


Can you ask the devs to take another look at neltharus? Timer in that place for 20 and above is very tight in general, and Forgemaster/Magmatusk could really use some serious nerfs or at least mechanics tweaking to make them less painful to fight on tyrannical (especially forgemaster, where the party damage over the fight is insane and way above any other dungeon boss i’ve done so far on 20 and above. At least while Magmatusk is crappy, you can sort of manage the fight to a degree).

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Why is sanguine active on +13 keys ? is it +14 when sanguine starts ?

Incoming 3rd time they disable M+ today :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

Sanguine is active on +12 keys.

My Uldaman +12 only has Volcanic :cry:

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Most games before online services became a thing and games were standalone on a cartridge or disk.

I know modern games are more complicated, but I feel studios QA level fell off a cliff once they realized they can push a game and fix things post re-release.


What is funny is sanguine used to be on +4 keys and now it’s on +14 keys this season lol.

But yeah something needs fixed.

It’s more that the games/programs got bigger.

It’s good to be at work for most of a Tuesday with the next two days off; all the usual maintenance issues are done by the time I get home for my mid-week weekend.

Yes, that is part of it.

But how much more effort do you think they’d put on QA if once it was shipped it was unfixable??

Games now ship with knowingly broken things they can just fix later.

This is a global comment about game studios not Blizzard.


Toon that I looked at vault with on lunch but didn’t pick anything with until I got done work still has a no affix key…