Mythic Jaina Skip needs to be reversible

Currently, due to the Jaina skip that was implemented a month or so ago, people are now trolling transmog runs of Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor and talking to Otoye after a boss or two is killed to skip the raid straight to Jaina, which is currently irreversible and ruins the transmog run. This needs to be changed ASAP, perhaps by making only the raid leader capable of talking to Otoye to initiate the Jaina skip?

Honestly, why wasn’t this change implemented with some foresight to consider this possibility in the first place?

Come on, this is Blizz we’re talking about here. The skip was already a half-assed afterthought, why is it any surprise that they haven’t thought through the consequences?

9.2 patch and this still hasnt been fixed.

Still a problem. Spent time putting together a group for someone to just screw us all over with the skip and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

This is still a problem, either make it so only raid lead can use the skip or implement a way for this to be reversible.