Mythic healer looking for a guild

Thanks for looking at my post. Hi my name is Josh I am healer main looking to join a mythic progression guild . I main a misweaver but I do have all other healers ( I will list them below) I am looking for a guild which raid any where between 7pm to 11pm EST weekdays are fine NO weekends . I have no issue transferring or going alliance as long as its worth it. My experience below.I am team player and will do anything to help the team progress and competitive and take criticism well. My Real Id is Pum#1793

Uldir 4/8 Mythic

BOD 6/9 Mythic ( on the shaman and druid )

Ep 3/8 Mythic

Mistweaver Monk Neck 69 ilvl 446

Restoration Shaman Neck 65 Ilvl 443

Restoration/ Guardian Druid Neck 68 ilvl 446

Holy/ Protection Paladin Neck 68 Ilvl 440

Holy Priest Neck 66 Ilvl 435

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Pum is amazing and he’s a great cook.

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Hi Pum, I think you’d be a great fit for Depth. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 pm.

Impartial (Horde) US- Dragonblight/Fenris (est 2016)

Impartial is a community built around content driven players. We welcome all players, and focus on having an environment where anyone can make friends and have fun. We are currently expanding our mythic raiding roster with ours set firmly on bringing impartial to the cutting edge of raiding.

Raiding Progress: BoD 6/9 M, EP 4/8 M

Our current objective: Building a competitive raiding roster of 25-30 players to progress through Ny’alotha (8.3s new raid), and to carry into the Shadowlands as a cutting edge capable raid team.

Our Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 5:30 PM PST-8:30 PM PST. (We will be adding a third day in the future)

What we are looking for: Reliable raiders who are focused on progressing their characters and gameplay to always excel, Adaptability to be able to move into the best position for our raid team composition, and quality character to be a great addition to our community.

What can you expect from us: Transparency of our positions and ideas for the raid team, openness to new ideas and discussions with the raid team as a whole, a impartial performance based roster, and strategic raid management.

Contact Us:
Battletags | Discord
MKETempest#1900 | MKE_Tempest#5246 (Guild Master)
Twobaus#1664 | Agomem#9333 (Raid Leader)
Krystopher#11456 | Relyk#1400 (Officer)
Finnald#1319 |Finnald#1231 (Lieutenant)
Captn#9852 | Hylva#1246 (Lieutenant)
Qprah#1839 | Qprah#1456 (Lieutenant)
Sikhari#11339 | Mash#9748 (Lieutenant)