Mythic + Group

Looking to join/start a late night Mythic+ team. I’m available on Tue/Wed/Thurs before raid (around 5 to 8pm eastern) or after raid (10pm eastern until 1 or 2 am). Love my raid team; but most of them are weekend dungeon runners and I work weekend nights.

I main BM hunter (233ish ilvl and approx 1650-1700 rating) looking to break thru the 12 barrier into 15s for KSM. I also have a Prot Paladin alt who isn’t too far behind my main (229 ilvl and PuGing 10s no problem 1200 rating)

I know Blizzard/WoW is in a weird place right now; but I’m still enjoying the challenge/rewards of running keys and opening the great vault every week. Just wish I could find some like-minded players who are willing to run in my off time. I’m willing to learn from better players and I’m also willing to pass on what I’ve learned to others. Discord is a must cuz typing sucks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: