Mythic exp player returning for sl

Took a break 1 year into BFA and due to work schedule could not raid with guild in BFA. Have mythic exp in WoD on rogue and Legion on mage, can do either. Prefer horde need a 12:30 est start time or later. Hit me up on BNET but will be checking on here daily.

BNET Literacola#1472

A lot of Turalyon folk moved to Zul’jin. Maybe check out what guilds are there if you’re not staying on realm. :slight_smile:

Hi Xcy, The Force (Alliance on Stormrage) is looking for players for the upcoming SL launch with an interest in raiding and mythic+. We have a lot of members (myself included) that push keys almost daily and focus on raiding as well. We are rebuilding a new raid comp with the expansion coming up and I have some melee slots to fill!

I’m looking for raiders who have a self-improvement attitude without being an elitist. We raid on tues/wed from 7-930pm EST (currently on pause until launch) and Sat/Sun from 12-230pm. I know these times are uncommon compared to other guilds, but they work well for our work schedules.

If you have any questions for me, my contact info is below.

Discord: Bonqueesha#7970
Btag: Superpants#129708

Good luck with the guild hunt!!

I didnt clarify on am or pm for the 12:30 est. It would be 12:30 am EST.

If you can push down to midnight we might be for you.