Mythic Eonar the Life-Binder Antorus Skip

Can you please put a skip boss mechanic for Mythic Eonar the Life-Binder Antorus? I am trying to solo for the mounts but this boss cannot be done solo.


It can be soloed pretty easily. There are a fair amount of guides on it. If I can solo it every week after learning it on a rogue you can do it on a hunter. Check the WoW Head guide.


You say this. I do it exactly how every guide says. Got to ship two and came out only to explode. Don’t even know why half the time. Something isn’t scaling right IMO.


Add the skip please Blizzard. Thank you


I just came here to get the 411 on this boss. I really want to skip her. I just end up killing everything up to her and then leaving. Really bummed she isn’t “one shot” like the other bosses, especially now that we are in Dragonflight.


Just a heads up, in the ship you can use the jump ability to jump then immediately aim at a crystal to get to it faster than walking. Though make sure you don’t do it during the knock up or u go high.

Similarly, once you finish the ship try to wait for that knock up in the doorway so u hit the door frame and land faster thereby givng you more time to jump out and land at Eonar before the bats kill her.

I do think they need to nerf that fight and remove the constant running down the hallway that the bounty hunter boss has. Both are just annoying time sinks that don’t need to be there anymore. Same with how Karazhan raid still makes the chess event mandatory and that takes longer than every other fight.

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So I have it down now and have no issues. Did it on hunter, druid and warrior 2 weeks in a row (those are my 70s) but haven’t tried it on anything lower than 70 yet.

boss timer just dosent seem to be long enough, and even then eonar takes WAY to much damage from just 1 mob, im starting to think my account is just cursed with bad RNG.


Adding a skip is nice, but what about those who want the tmog off of her? Simply remove the need to go into the ship or make the mobs hit far less hard and she will become much easier. Yes, there are people who have learn these guides, but the problem is that there are times where it becomes more of a problem cause one move can make or break it all and you don’t know what happened or how to deal with it. She NEEDS to be nerfed much like how other fights were cause they can’t be done as easy as other fights do to the way the fight works.


just need to make the eonar take less dmg or buff its health so people actually have time to run and do mechanics

a nerf is needed we are in dragonflight i just want to be able to farm transmogs /sadge


Why should I need to read a guide on how to kill a boss from almost 9 years ago? I’m not out here trying to prog Antorus. As many people have said this encounter needs to be changed.


She dies way too easily. I just tried this for the first time I watched videos and stuff but damn she goes down way to fast. So frustrating would love to see the rest of the raid.


Its doable. I just did it today but man it is definitely annoying

please change these mechanics. im a older player with limited mobility in my hands but i would like to get the mounts and transmogs.


bring friends, then.

How has this encounter still not been fixed for soloing? Hello, Blizzard? It’s been 5 years since it was relevant.


It is soloable.

No, I agree with Sharksouls and the OP on this one. Just because some might be able to do it does not mean it doesn’t need an auto-skip in DF – c’mon, its almost 7 years old now and is way overdue a retuning. Eonar is an annoying fight with at least 3 insta-kill mechanisms, a pathetically under-scaled local “safety pool” for Eonar’s health, and ZERO sync patterns which are held by functional code. The times where events do not sequence properly in solo make it touchy at best and it’s frustratingly poor in design to run post-Legion solo.


Imagine making an encounter impossible to solo nearly six years later. Nice work, Blizzard. Just add a skip or increase her health pool/dmg res. It’s really not hard.

inb4 “I did it.” Good for you!
inb4 “Bring a friend?” 6 year old content needing two people? No thank you.


U can solo it, watch a video. tl;dr kill fel reaver at entrance, kill fel reaver at top, kill 1 dog at bottom, go to ship 1, don’t go to ship 2