Mythic Dungeon International Season 3 – A Viewer’s Guide

Mythic Dungeon International Season 3 – A Viewer’s Guide

Watch the Mythic Dungeon International Season 3 in Shadowlands, beginning Friday, April 22, only on YouTube!

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No… That’s ok, dude.


Zero interest in this. No interest in WoW as a competitive e-sport even remotely.

The absolute last thing I want to deal with in this game is other people wanting me to use MDI strats, or other players trying and expecting people to be on board to use MDI strats.

I’m still mad that all the work I did in 9.0 was made completely irrelevant by patch 9.1
MDI just makes me think about how stressed out I was when my group was trying to run mythic 14s at ilvl 210 because the gear curve was cancer.

The MDI doesn’t represent fun. It represents all of the things about running a dungeon that most casual players dislike. Being rushed, having to cheese the game, and being stressed out.

To me at least, maybe I’m an outlier.


Sounds fun :-1:

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This was not at all necessary.

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Large swathes of players still don’t have tier. Watching people blowing up keys with their 4 pc sets is only a constant reminder of the failure of your patch.

I love M+ but this is a big ol pass from me. Maybe in 10.0 you’ll consider letting players play the game and not just esports personalities?

If you give me a pirate dragon mount, sure I’ll watch! If not, I call false advertising!

(Kidding ofc, but I do want a pirate dragon.)

Nobody is trying to run mdi strats in pugs. Anyone who plays m+ even kinda seriously knows that it’s a whole different thing. Nothing about the MDI trickles down to or affects a +14.

I wish people could let people enjoy things without trying to make it about themselves


I see people running MDI skips in pugs all the time, and it almost never works. Then they end up aggroing 3 extra packs and the group wipes, and then falls apart. I’ve seen this more times than I can count.

You can bet your bottom dollar that people are going to see what comps are played in the MDI and believe they should only invite those classes. We’ve seen in time and again. I remember in S1 when bears were perfectly valid for tanking, people thought you NEEDED a VDH because everyone played VDH in the MDI.

It’s definitely a major negative for that format, because the meta-game for MDI is completely fake and not really reflective of how real keys are playing. Nobody does MDI pulls for push keys.

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Damn I guess I just haven’t run into it that much. I see off meta stuff all the time (in the 15-17 range anyway) and it’s fine. Kinda like the complaints about SA servers I always felt like complaints about meta chasers in low keys were exaggerated. Just my experience then

down with e sports

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Is it too late to apply? I have a couple of +4s and now 2/4 tier.

We can call it average joes against the pros. It’s a lot more funny. Afking in fire. Tank in a DPS spec. Healer for the first time ever. No one has special covenant dungeon skip. And watch as the keymaster witnesses everyone disappear after the second wipe.

It’s comedy gold

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