Mythic Crucible of Storms - World First for Pieces

Just wanted to give a shout out to Pieces on being the first guild to clear Mythic Crucible of Storms. Grats on defeating Uu’nat and the Hall of Fame entry!


Grats all!


Lasted way longer than I expected

Well done to all involved though! Seemed like peeps were enjoying the fight :blush:


Can’t wait for the next raid tier. It’ll be really interesting to see if Method is truly dethroned, or if this was a fluke due to the small size of the raid.

No one stays top forever

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Pieces normally doesn’t raid as much as Method, in BoD they only raided all day for the first day, which got them EU first Mekka, and then less afterwards. They were able to raid a lot in CoS but I don’t know if they will be able to do that again in 8.2 raid, they are a very good guilds but they just don’t raid as much as other guilds.

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Gratz for the World First! Glorious race!

As the Method raid members said, Pieces simply played better.

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Method loses 1-2 races an Expansion

They lost Nighthold to Exorsus and that was not a short raid.


In before Method fanboys start flooding the thread with “Sco had to work!” or “Most their raiders were on break!” etc.

Honestly, the method fanboys are making me sick today. :confused:

Good job Pieces! I don’t care about the World First race in the least, but good job. :slight_smile:


I survived LFR, well mostly played as a corpse at the last boss.

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Good on 'em for sure - 8.2 's raid will probably have Method back on top 'cause they’ll be able to bankrupt multiple servers for gear - this time around they had no way around gear.

Gratz to the guild and shame on you Blizzard.

8 warlocks and 1 mele in that kill.

I am really not sure what is happening with you Blizzard but some people should really have a hard look on what they are serving to their customers.

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Undoubtedly better than I would have done. Probably died in-transit to the rested location from which I could change my talents prior to queuing LFR.

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yeah cuz this has never happened before, its not like nefarian in cata had 11 feral druids or anything


This is more a result of specific fight mechanics than game balance honestly. Warlocks are good (probably best DPS), but it doesn’t mean the viability of other classes is shot.

When you are trying to be THE ABSOLUTE best there is on the planet though, you must pretty much ONLY use the best options available.

What do you expect? Somebody trying to play the closest to perfect possible is going to choose ANYTHING but the highest DPS specs and classes?


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This is why I wish down votes were still a thing.

Grats to the world first winners! Looking forward to see who beats Azshara first.

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And the absolute best is only 1 mele out of 20 ppl. And you defend this design?


Oh i died plenty in that hallway between boss 1 and 2. Pulsing DoT lightning something or rather.

For the record it was 4 warlocks for Pieces WF kill. Still only 1 melee (a DH for the buff).

Tanks - Brewmaster x2
Healers - Resto Druid, Disc, Holy Paladin
Melee - Havoc
Ranged - Moonkin x2, Fire Mage, Spriest x2, Elemental x5, Affliction x4

It was a combination of things that forced the raid comp.

  1. Tuned way too hard for them already being at the gear cap.

  2. Warlocks portal allowed them to consistently dodge the unavoidable beam.

  3. Elemental used for Ankh sacrifice on crown

  4. Ranged is better for baiting the void spawn thing

  5. Adds required to be away from boss so multidoting is strong.

  6. Long lived adds so some specs gain ST damage via multidoting.

Also on both kills so far they RNG’d into the P3 debuff not going on any healers which they talked about afterward where it going on any beyond 1 is a guaranteed wipe.


You should see how worst is for us with all the Method haters all the time. Havent you see a lot of threads with people blaming Method for non sense?

It’s really sickening.