Mythbound is now recruiting!

Brand new guild formed by long time raiders and friends. We are currently looking for more raiders, we are a laid back group working on progressing. Our raid group is currently 7/8 heroic, we want to bolster our ranks so we can start mythic as a guild , starting from the bottom up we will help you gear, learn your class and raid fights.

-We are not a hardcore guild, we only raid 2 to 3 nights a week. We understand life and family comes first.

-No stress raiding, if you are meeting the standards your welcome to raid, if you’re not, and willing to work on it we will help you get there.

  • highly entertaining personalities.

  • Both adult and family friendly atmosphere.

  • active guild and community. Even when guild chat is quiet we have an active community on discord. Stay connected and join members in any number of other games or activities outside of WoW.

  • Many more activities and adventures in the works.

Raid Nights: Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. 8 CST

If your interested send me mail in game or reply on here. I’ll check back often.

You guys should considering joining up with us, so that we can clear heroic and then start killing a few bosses in mythic.

that response was supposed to be with this toon.

no reason we can’t work together :slight_smile: what nights do you raid?

We have been raiding with another guild from a different server for numbers but we are trying to focus on pushing our own side of things and getting into mythic. We have at least 1/2 our group ready for mythic.