Mystic Rainbowhorn?

Ive been looking for the Mystic Rainbowhorn. If you dont know what this is, its a rare in Northern Ardenweald and wanders around a bit. Its summoned via horn but the horn is supposed to be in one location if im correct. It drops a soulshape appearance quest that can be turned in at the Heart of the Forest. As a reward, you get that Runestag appearance instead of a fox or whatever else. I came to the forums to see if anyone had any info on it. The times ive checked the spot, theres no horn to summon it, theres nothing there… If anyone has any more info on this, please comment below.

Bump. I am having the same problem and I can’t find any information.

There’s no horn on live like there was in beta. It’s a random spawn that spawns every 2-3 hours or so.

It just spawned on Turalyon near Tirna Vaal. Don’t know if the horn is possibly near that area.

So after hours upon hours, i figured it out. Online, it says theres a horn that spawns North of Glitterfall. Someone said they removed it, other people say otherwise. Personally, i never saw the horn. However, i did move from there to just north of Tirna Vaal and i waited 2-3hrs and it spawned. It can be faction tagged and only the first 5 people of the tagged faction can loot it. Hope this helps