Myrmidons Recruiting

Well it's time to bring the Myrmidons back into the raid dance.

I'm looking to form a 20 man raid of Shattered Handers. The goal is to raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday's 8:00pm to 11:00pm with the hopes of progressing into mythic.

I do not care about the gear(having gear would be great!), but I am looking for players that can communicate, look up encounters before a raid, and have good attitudes .

For all those interested please message me or send me in game mail.

Thank you In advance!
There's always free shirts!
Used to be White Traditional Hanboks in the old days.

Ruwa, any chance you will be doing a vanilla/classic guild? btw Red Hand of the Horde was always better <3

I’m laughing at this since I was raiding in both on 2 different priests.

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What a great guild, I remember going up against them back in Classic.