My WoW folder is now 72 GB

About time for a clean up patch that checks and removes any useless files.

or a full re install and only retain personal data from the current stuff then delete the old stuff to recover space.

I"m wondering how much is to modify things to encourage multi threading and if that is gonna break a lot of things. (Who am I kidding, Break Things, I laugh at myself)

Three steps forward, two back.

71 gigs here. As others have said, I do believe it’s because of the patch that was downloaded, totalling a rather staggering 16 gigs. When I saw that, I was kind of taken back. That’s a huge patch for what doesn’t seem like much on the content side of things. That’s not a shot at Blizz either, but in reality, 8.1 is a lot of fixes for current systems. I’m not sure why it’d have to be that big.

I just looked and mine is 60 gig or so.

My wow/data folder alone is about 60 gig, so it isn’t extra stuff.

I’ve not downloaded the newest patch stuff yet, as far as I know.

Though it doesn’t really matter, I never download the patch ahead of time. So I won’t see a 16 gig increase, since many of those files will just be “patches” which will then take over the old files. I wait until the patch is live, when it says “incompatible”, then I bother to patch (usually it is very fast, or if not I’d have another opportunity to rob the stage to Valentine.)

71GB for me.

Sheesh Ain’t nothin for that 3 terabyte life

Find wow.log and delete it if you want to upload your logs first upload them before if you don’t care then delete it. i have logs from mists of pandaria lol

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ohh… great your HD is more TB, the mine is 750 GB… :worried:

that makes your WoW have more, see your Addons folder, and your cache, and see if it does not have a file that is not from the Classic, because I do not think it has patches updates apps as it was in the days of WotLK.

Some video games are starting to go past the 100 gig mark. Crazy when I started playing them, they were less than 1.54 megabytes.

Each time they double texture resolution, the texture file size goes up by 300%. It’s pretty easy to see how quickly the install size inflates when you have thousands of textures. Each expansion has been pushing higher and higher texture resolutions now. Early WoW textures were mostly what, 128s/256s with an occasional 512?

Why on earth did you revive a year old thread?

I often wonder what these people are doing in their life to go searching for year(s) old threads.

Unless they googled a very specific thing.

I don’t know. But it’s weird to me.

Like that person who, on social media, goes through all of your old photos and likes something from years ago.

77 GB here!

Oh, Classic was added.

76.5 is my data folder alone, jeez!

It was only 60 gig the last time in this thread, in Dec '18! Goodness!!! :wink:

For what it’s worth, I bought a 240 GB SSD. Now I have enough space for WoW and my Virtualbox VM’s :slight_smile:

There’s kind of a lot of content.

You can actually “trim” the game down. It’ll only download the content when it’s actually used. I noticed this a while back after I removed the data files. Of course the game will grow back up in size eventually but it might optimize the size better. Mine is 62.7gb right now.

A guy at the office back in the 80’s bought a 20mb hdd and he said “This will last forever!”. Still makes me chuckle when I think about it.

Yeah, it’s crazy how fast technology has improved. When I built my first computer, I was excited to have a chip that breached the gig mark.

sorry i didn’t look at the date i was trying to help