My sad PvP story

I came to the American servers of World Of Warcraft 8 months ago.
Before that, I played on Europe.
My most significant achievement on Europe was a 2200 rating in 2v2 arena.
Now, in the second season of this expansion, I occasionally return to the arena just to reach 2000 rating at least.
I play as a warrior, perhaps not very well because I struggle against many classes, particularly with restoration druids and restoration shamans; I lose to them the most.
Recently, I managed to reach a rating of 1980, but because the guy I was playing with left, I had to find healers again, and my rating dropped to 1.8. I regained the rating several times, only to lose it again. At the moment, I have a rating of 1896 or something like that.
Today, I tried asking a paladin I met in Elwynn Forest to help me with the arena. He’s a good player, I checked his achievements - he’s reached Gladiator rank multiple times. I was willing to pay him gold, but we only won one game and lost 4 or maybe even 5.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I can only win with experienced priests, but they are few and far between.
I don’t know what to do… As I write this message, I’ve invited an inexperienced healer to the party because no one else was asking to join for a while. Most likely, I’ll lose the next arena as well.
Am I insignificant to the local PvP community?

I lose most often when I have shamans and druids on my team. I use a translator, and it doesn’t always accurately convey my thoughts. In the message above, I wanted to say that when playing with druids and shamans on my team, I lose most often


Hey friend!
LFG is a tough beast to tame. It takes a lot of concerted effort to find good players who have similar goals as yourself. Especially with wow being not the most alive game when it comes to PVP.
Keep trying till you find someone with similar goals/experience and time to play as you. Improve together.
And before the forum trolls come along:
Its not the specific healer holding you back. Some may be easier than others for warrior. But its either the healer not playing well, or yourself, or both, which is fine. No ones perfect at this game. Just keep working at it :). Communities are a good place to start if youre really feeling down about the LFG system.

Side note: IDK if its just late night or what. But I ALWAYS see free carry groups for 2s. Often times its like 10 viewer andy gladiators/r1’s. They often post “free viewer carries”. Maybe try playing with one of those people and see how different the games feel. It might be a good litmus test to see how much of the problem is yourself or the healer.

I see this in LFG at this very moment:
r1 priest ttv celestiahz viewer games

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I think I’ll just play PvP for fun, putting in maximum effort without worrying about rating. I’m so disappointed that Blizzard doesn’t have a feature to transfer achievements from a European account to an American one. I’m afraid to answer forums if I know the answer to a question, fearing that I’ll be told in response that I don’t have a high arena rating…


100 percent dude. Be careful with the forums. There are a lot of dedicated trolls. And to be honest with you. That is THE singular best way to play a game. For fun. 6 years ago I used to stress super hard about glad pushing every season, and it ruined the game for me. Thats why now adays I only play if I find what im doing fun.
I hope it gets better for you. If you’re on american servers and need help I can always try though im not the best echador#1315

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Of course bro that’s what makes you brave enough to post this preemptive whine

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All I get out of this is that US > EU.

Our rivals here don’t mess around.



Not true. US and EU are roughly equal in terms of PvP, there is a difference in PvE, but not in PvP.


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2200 eu 1800 na enough said tbh.

Joking askde i think youve got the right attitude just gotta find a healer you vibe with to make the grind less of a slough.

If possible i recommend trying different hours of the day. Sometimes 2s is a crapshoot and you just gotta get the right queues.

Also surprised this word got through.

buy from ppl that sell losses. not wins. don’t worry there aren’t many that sell losses. wins free ull get what u pay for.

What purchases are you referring to?

actually, nothing. sec. let me check again but not from u. honestly. i have no idea.

I absolutely don’t understand what you mean.

that makes 2 of us. was just thinking how i responded this with that.

nothing sad tho.

I was feeling bad but how do I know you are lying

You were 2200 in EU but much lower in NA

This does not happen

In Europe, I had a consistent teammate, in the USA I play with random players from group finder. 2000 and 2200 are not a big difference.

2k done
Thank you everyone for the support and all the help, it was a bit tough.