My problem with the Vulpera

I like allied races, I like all of the allied races. BUT, with the addition of Vulpera, the Horde get to have 8 races instead of 7 and a couple cool variants. Basically if you added the ARs to customization options to their counterparts they’d stand out. And I know, the elves are their too, but I’m fine with that as it’s fair. Even though it’s not. One’s a complete reskin with no lore value, and the other’s a new model that we all liked during Legion.

So now, really I’m just asking that the Alliance get something of equal value? An actual new race? Idk Arrakoa are cool. Orrr, Vulpera go bye-bye? Look, I like Vulpera. No, I love Vulpera. I main one (I just like foxes, ok?). And Nightborne. It’s just the Alliance is getting the worse deal and I can’t handle it.

Idrc if any of y’all agree, just wanted to vent (about like nothing lol).
Any thoughts?

Player base mostly plays Horde so they probably don’t see value in spending time on the Alliance races as much.

If you were to pick what do you think they should get? We have Taunka, Tuskarr, Naga, Furbolg, Arakkoa, Mogu, Murloc, Ogre, Tigon and I am probably missing a lot. Neither of these seems like they make sense lore wise for the Alliance.