My official apology to stalagg

When ever the topic of imbalance came up on stalagg i was the first one to clap back.

“Nice exaggeration”
“It’s not even that bad…”
“Just get someone to help you”
“Don’t be a victim go quest elsewhere”

All foolish, foolish things I’ve said.

After the last round of free xfers I’ve come to terms that it really is that ridiculously lopsided right now.

If everyone stopped what they were currently doing to come help smartdeath it would still be a futile effort and it kinda knocked the wind from my sails. The rest of my crew rerolled but I’m too casual for that.

Anyone that i told to suck it up on stalagg alliance just know that after spending time out in the trenches i realize just how stupid i sounded. I’m definitely not quitting but I’m absolutely gone with the next round of xfers (when ever that may be)


There are currently server transfers available.

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Does it have to be when there’s a que like last time?

We work nights at a warehouse so we mostly dodge the que by default

Ty for that also!

It makes no sense why Blizzard even allows Alliance to transfer off of lopsided realms. If the factions are truly very lopsided, they should enforce that Alliance must stay where they are, not give them an option to leave and make the factions even MORE lopsided.


In principal i see where you’re coming from but at the end of the day fighting impossible odds at all corners of the world just isn’t enjoyable.

I’m not good enough at pvp to fight 1v5 and i accept that.

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ROFL the stalagg disparity is crazy.

44.1k horde to 19.7k alliance level 5+ at a 69.1% horde to alliance disparity
https ://

And on servers with a disparity, its greatly magnified in the open world. It’s a shame that transfers aren’t setup for one faction only to xfer to servers that are imbalanced in the other direction.



Showed the boys the blue post on the xfers and we’re pretty excited. Now’s the real question

Heartseeker or earthfury?

Rise up people of Stalagg! The great city of Gnomeregan needs your assistance. This injustice has gone on far too long! Let’s be part of the solution! For Gnomeregan!


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If you’re on the character login screen, there’s a button on the lower left that says wow shop. Click that and you can use the free transfer.

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Appreciate that!!

Did you decide which realm to go to?

You can start by never saying “clap back” again.



the warrior of our group (our boss) went to the ceiling on an order picker and dropped a quarter down.

it landed tails which we pre determined for Heartseeker!

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Lol that is funny

This is a nonsense sentiment.

Then people just quit outright.

Like if you’re losing a football game because you have 2 players and the other team has 11 then you think the answer is to force the 2 to keep playing? What kinda nonsense?



It makes sense because blizzard isn’t known for their good savvy

Y’all are cowards for transferring out, should be ashamed honestly.

If your alliance on Stalagg you better move while its free…server is going to be similar to Illidan on retail, 90% horde…

Why? They’ve made it clear they have no intention of controlling population balance, and that works both ways. If they aren’t going to lock faction creation, or implement faction queuing priority to try and create some semblence of balance on the realm, then they shouldn’t lock people from transferring either.

Enforcing faction balance is all or nothing. You either do it or you don’t.


I don’t think you can force players to play a specific faction.

If Alliance weren’t provided transfers off they will either quit the game, or reroll.

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