My new account cant buy wow token until the 30 days are over?

So i just read about the recent wow tokens change. This account is around a month old. I did spend with real money my first month starting around the first week of november, but it still wont let me purchase it via the AH. Do i need to wait until my monthly sub runs out? or is it becuase i misunderstood the changes? like i said before i did spend real money already. So i dont think i should have any issues using the AH. I only have until today and i do have the gold to buy it.

I believe you have to wait, per this

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  • WoW Tokens are not available in World of Warcraft Classic.
  • You cannot purchase a WoW Token for gold if you have a WoW Token that was purchased with real money on your account.
  • You cannot purchase a WoW Token unless you have spent real money to purchase and use at least 30 days of game time since 2017. The first paid month needs to have fully passed.

If you have the gold ready…enough for a token all on one server(group).
You should be offered to buy a token after you run out. This is most likely Retail…first log in after run out.
If you would like to test this and report back if it allowed you to do this.
Thanks…good luck.

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