My MoP Remix Experience Thusfar - Feedback

Alright, we’ve hit day 3 of this mode and all I can say is: This is one gigantic clusterf-.

Let me go about this in a chronological state to my personal journey.

First, allow me to show my toon.

Something to note: Yes, I did the infamous “frog farm” on this character but more on that in a bit.

So the leveling process for me was actually quite nice. I started right when the event went live and started to queue dungeons as a healer right out of the gate as questing zones were too populated at the time. I got to around 30ish and waited for my bud to catch up to me because we were going to do LFR together.

We queue LFR, get into Mogushan, everything good to go! We complete one wing and discovered it was a complete waste of time. We gained absolutely no experience whatsoever like it was in the PTR. Many people hyped up LFR and me, a casual Andy, thought this could be something I could relax and just enjoy as part of the leveling process. Nope. I didn’t even get a bar of experience. I got some threads and that was pretty much it. I personally feel like my time is being respected in this regard. There was a huge outcry about this from the community and frankly, I don’t blame them. I know they did a little bit of a fix for it but it was already too late.

So, with that, I resorted to questing. I hit 42 and kited a Zandalari Warscout for about a half hour with my friend and we eventually killed it! Came back at 48 and was able to solo it fine. Anyways, I was zooming and actually having a great time with it… then came 60+. I was questing as a guardian druid. I had good gems, stat blues, still rocking out and killing things but I noticed that mobs were hitting me -much- harder and DoTs were doing an absurd amount of damage. I slowed down how many mobs I pulled and utilized my cooldowns when necessary. At 65 I noticed the threads of experience were no longer dropping. I didn’t think much of it since I was close anyways and already at 134% on my cloak. More on that next. Either way, got 70 (yay!) and started to work on questing zones and reps. It’s generally the content I personally do.

I continue on my questing journey. Mobs were hitting me just as they were and I had adapted to pulling smaller and using my CD’s more but then came the Dagger in the Dark scenario. This scenario took me entirely way too long to do. Each boss fight felt like I was fighting a raid boss. Their health pools were incredibly high and I was doing little to no damage to them. Some of their mechanics would chunk me or get me really close to death without having any time to react to said mechanics. It took me way too long to kill them. This is a normal scenario mind you. In the end, I got through it.

Then came dungeons. Whoa boy here we go. As many, -many- people have pointed out, scaling is a huge, HUGE issue. While I was able to clear all heroic dungeons, it wasn’t without more difficulty than normal. We didn’t wipe too many times but it was hard. I was getting chunked and close to death almost every pull and on top of that, I had a hard time holding threat, especially to a low level healer. I’d press every button in the world and mobs would just be ready to eat the healer. Apparently, I was not the only one having this issue.

I will say that, while it’s funny to see the low levels performing significantly better than you, it also feels extremely bad being level 70… unless you were a frog farmer (again, more on that in a bit). If you were the simple casual player just playing the game, you feel incredibly underpowered and disheartened. The difficulty jump because of the scaling is just unbearable (no pun intended since I was playing a guardian druid). From my understanding, there was some interview where Devs had said they are working on the scaling or something like that but I don’t know the source or anything. Though I am pretty sure they are aware either way.

Now, frog farming. I personally did it for about 2-2.5 hours before I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore for the night. For those who do not know what exactly the frog farm was, it was pretty much: Kill frogs, get a ton of lesser coins. Lesser coins can be turned in to gain rep, each turn in gives you a box and a random gem as well as bronze. Each said box gives you a chance for gear and a guaranteed thread for your cloak. The gear could be scrapped for bronze and of course from the frogs themselves, you got a lot threads and bronze too. This farm was nerfed this morning as frogs will no longer drop the lesser coins.

In the time frame that I did my farm, I was able to get close to 3k lesser coins. I got all the reputations to exalted that I could, a lot of that thanks to having the commendations from my main. Though of course I had a huge surplus of coins left, which I promptly spent them all in fear of the nerf hitting in some shape or form. I didn’t know how it was going to get nerfed, but I just knew it was. It was too good.

So here we are the next morning! I wake up to seeing that the frog farm did get nerfed. Along with that, caches got their bronze buffed. This actually really ticked me off. Not so much of the frog nerf but the caches being buffed. I had done a ton of timerunning achievements pre-buff and now, I’ve completely missed out on a ton of bronze with no compensation for it. The majority of my bronze came from these caches. I personally do not raid anything above LFR due to personal (and medical) reasons. I used to back in the old days but I mentally cannot handle it anymore.

Though herein lies the biggest issues. Now with the frog farm gone, you’ve created a HUGE disparity between the more hardcore players and casuals. You have imposed that players have to raid in order to get the rewards. “Ok? So what’s the problem?” you may think… As far as getting into raids, people are going to take a frog farmer over someone who didn’t 100%. There are people who knew about the frog farm before Wowhead posted the article and there are people who farmed endless hours before the nerf hit.

Here is a prime example of someone who did such a thing:

Please feel free to compare the stats to my char. This player in particular was seen doing 4 million dps on a stream. There was another stream where a hunter was doing even more than that. Sadly, I didn’t get the name of this person. Anyways, the amount of bronze these players spent to do this is at an insane level. Not to mention they are in the highest ilvl gear which in itself costs just as much bronze if not more to level up than the high ticket cosmetic rewards. How are people supposed to catch up to this? The answer is, they don’t. They try to find another farm but that’ll probably get nerfed too. A player will not get a raid spot over someone who did a frog farm.

I may as well be a level 10- wait, no, I can’t say that. Even with what frog farming I -did- do, I am still out damaged by low level players as a Boomkin. However, thankfully, as a tank with my tank gems, I am no longer having threat issues or getting chunked. I still do low damage compared to lower leveled players, but I am not necessarily dying to stuff now. Seems what farming I did do have some benefit.

So how is a casual player/player who didn’t get to frog farm supposed to get bronze if they can’t get a raid spot? Sure I could make a group myself, I get that, though some people struggle with that and even still some people will only join if there were frog farmers.

I couldn’t help it but this came to mind:

There is also a huge disparity between those who do actually raid and those who don’t when it comes to the amount of bronze that drops which is why raiding is lucrative. Not everyone in this game is going to go that hard. I myself am in between the pack. I will sit and do content grinds for days like questing, rep grinding, achievements, mount/transmog collecting, etc. but I will not subject myself to actual raiding. So I am genuinely stuck when it comes to bronze farming now. You need well over 1 million bronze to get all the rewards, which is what people are mostly doing this event for in the first place.

Blizzard needs to sorely understand that not everyone wants to/can’t do the raids.
This isn’t about being lazy and wanting the path of least resistance to the rewards. Raiding for some people just isn’t feasible. As I will reiterate a few times, this event is meant to be a fun thing for all of to enjoy before the release of TWW. As this event is to really get cosmetic rewards, I would much -much- rather spend my bronze on mounts and transmog than upgrading my gear to do raids. I know there are people out there who do want to reach crazy power levels and feel like gods in the different raiding difficulties but casuals are highly punished in this mode.

It’s almost seems like I may have to roll an alt or two to redo the achievements to get in on these cache updates. Which brings me to my next point:

Why the hell do our stats cap out to our alts starting out? I hadn’t read anything mind you but it was to my understanding, which I could be wrong, that stats would carry over from our main to our alts. So what if my alt would go extremely fast through quests and do even more absurd dps in a normal dungeon than they do right now for leveling? Remix was supposed to be like that anyways? Who cares if they have a 300% exp buff at the start because that is what % they earned on their main? Again, this was supposed to be a -fun- event for players. This is anything but fun now, especially from a casual standpoint.

This is a game mode where players are supposed to be overpowered. It’s a fun game mode that really has little to no impact on retail itself. Why restrict these gains over an event that is based around collecting new cosmetic rewards? Once again, Blizzard is failing to communicate with us the changes they intend on doing and just want us to deal with the fallout.

I feel the bronze acquisition needs to be increased quite a bit so that a casual player can really enjoy this experience as well to help with the disparities.

For the frog farmers vs non-frog farmers, let people farm the darn things for the coins. They are putting their time and effort in too. You all knew about this frog farm for years now. And again, this event is to collect mounts, mogs, and all that, what harm is there in it?

And for the love of- please do something with alts. Let them have their stats and let their bronze acquisition be on par with their mains.

Also maybe make bronze account wide too.


The jewelry and trinkets for alts… The achievements were account wide and then were reverted? Why are you forcing a person to redo these achievements on alts to get their stuff? It just doesn’t sit right at all.

Finally, gold. My timerunner has about 20k gold. Gold as you know is pointless in this game mode. Now, I know that these timerunners transition into the normal once Remix is over however some people made timerunners purely for the aspect of collecting. I’ve got close to 3 million gold on my account, sure another 20k is nice but honestly, for a mode where you don’t use gold, perhaps there should be an npc that converts gold for bronze? Let the players have that choice. Let them either keep the gold going into normal TWW or let them convert it into bronze for the event. I’d recommend a 1:1 ratio.

I know you all are going for player retention and don’t want people to leave the game but these things are doing that anyways. Don’t you think if you made some more alluring changes, people would be more obliged to stay and be much happier?

I know this was a long winded post. I just felt I really needed to get this out there and vent my own frustrations and give my own criticism and feedback. I understand we’re only a few days in and a lot can change. I just don’t want this mode to be dead before week 1 ends.


I agree that leveling felt nice, I enjoyed the early levels up to 60 around till I started to face the more “unfair” scaling. I managed to clear normal raids every day and started to get more powerful and be able to clear content with way more ease. Upgrading my gear was probably the best move early on just so content wouldn’t feel as “unfair”.

It felt fair in many ways to use stuff like the salvation meta gem stack (which scale exponentially with amount of people using on the same target) to beat bosses when so many abilities just will one shot people. Which I’m sure people will argue the same way about the frogs farming, the content to some point require you to use a lot of advantages like those to overcome it as tuning hit or miss.

I didn’t come into this with high expectation of endgame content but it felt very underwhelming. Combined with not being able to complete the “Devastation below” quest and leveling being way too slow if this was gonna be a leveling event with the cloak being capped so low (for alts).


Here is a video of that shadow priest in raids. He has all 556 gear and yeah…

Warning: The video does have naughty language in it. I still felt this need to be shown because good lord!


Also gonna put my MoP feedback & thoughts as well.

This event was clearly directed towards collectors feedback of unused variants of mounts and armor that haven’t been obtainable by players but were collecting dust. I am glad they introduced this event to shake things up and at the same time collect so many new (and old) things.

The bronze currency is kind of odd. On paper it seems good to buy cosmetics with. However the same currency to buy cosmetics is used to upgrade your gear which I find problematic as better gear means you can do more content which drops more bronze. I think progressing the characters gear should have been used with a separate currency or a separate way than the currency used to buy cosmetics.

End-game content
Heroic/Mythic raids seem overtuned. Sure, they are optional but considering this is a three-month event and mythic just gives a title but it seems like a bit much. It appears the way to do mythic is to upgrade all of your gear takes a lot of bronze which would take weeks of doing daily content.

Closing thoughts

I agree with the other sentiments in this thread regarding just buffing bronze further since frog farmers got far ahead. That the jewelry & trinkets should be purchasable by alts once a person unlocks it once on their account. Also that the threads on the cloak for alts should be buffed further. Sure, we’d speed through leveling further and faster but isn’t that kind of the point? It is a temporary fun little event.

Overall I love the event. It has been fun revisiting Pandaria and doing old raids with my current guild. As a collector I love being able to obtain so many mounts and mog. I am worried about FOMO, even if get everything in the event it would suck for future players. I hope the cosmetics are still purchasable in the future, maybe for Timewarped Badges from MoP timewalking week? Things like the Shado-pan mog are great especially since the Shado-pan hero spec is coming out in a few months.

Pandaria was kind of the ideal continent to go to for this kind of event. I am not sure if any other expansion would have hit as hard. If another event like this happened in the future I think I’d enjoy a revisit to Legion.


Welp. This decision bit me on the butt. From what I am gathering on multiple sources, this just isn’t going for frog farmers but rather the amount of lesser charm turn ins on the account.

I am actually quite mad because I really didn’t get to even farm that much and most of my stats came from doing literally 4 zones of quests at 70. When it came to content, I was by no means doing the insane amount of DPS others were.

I shouldn’t be mad because I am going for cosmetics only and refuse to buy item upgrades. It’s too expensive for a temporary source of power that’ll be gone in less than 3 months. Sure they buffed bronze acquisition but it’s really not enough. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If people have to resort to these sort of farms to begin with, the problem is not the farm itself.

Also I am glad they heard the community when it came to the jewelry access for alts. While it matters not to me, I kind of wish they would put the necklace on LFR difficulty and not normal. We can get everything else with queued content, why not this?

Also… As far as the cloak goes for alts. Why can’t the exp% be a 1:1 ratio? Furthermore, why am I still getting exp buffs at 70 doing LFR when the cap is 100% on my alt anyways? It makes no damn sense.

In conclusion, the cloaks aren’t the problem in the end, it’s the bronze. You get far too low and the upgrades to the gear costing so much is a big NOPE!

Thanks for punishing players who actually played the game while the players who did get ahead with insane levels already got what they wanted/needed and then some.

Edit: Just did a Shado-Pan Monastery Heroic with someone who had their cloak untouched. This person was a Heart of Fear farmer. For those who don’t know, there was an instance limit exploit where you could farm endlessly. This was an -actual- exploit vs frog farming that is not an exploit (which existed for the longest time and was even reported on the PTR.)

The nerf was way too dramatic at that and hit people that didn’t even touch frogs. This was handled so poorly.


The handling of this event has been awful. It launched in a state where scaling was incredibly messed up and most content wasn’t worth doing (except frogs, which actually made you feel like you were progressing your character). That first weekend was still the most fun I had during the event, because since then it’s felt like Blizzard has spent all their energy on stopping players rather than on making things feel rewarding to do.

Since then, the scaling issues have been mostly fixed, but at the same time any content that felt even vaguely worth doing has been nerfed within a day of being found and the compensation has been very mixed. If you want cosmetics, you’re now very heavily incentivized to just spam level alts to make use of the +40k bronze for hitting 70, while content at max level is hardly worth doing. The only real exception to this is if you either farmed a ton of power yourself before the nerfs, or if you’re getting carried by people who did. In that case, the raids are also quite efficient.

Something else that also feels pretty bad is that I spent the first week doing practically every achievement in the game mode, only for those rewards to get buffed after I did them. Meanwhile the things I didn’t do (yet) in favor of doing those achievements got nerfed, so I got double screwed.

Upgrades should never have cost bronze, and at this point it’s too late to reduce them unless you compensate people, which would also be a bit weird.

It’s not like it’s hurting you by replacing some other reward. The XP is in addition to everything else. So sure, it’s maybe a bit weird, but it’s also not actually a problem.


I’ve been watching the forums a lot since this nerf dropped and let me just say the amount of ignorance… whew.

What Blizzard is not realizing is that this nerf did -not- even address the actual issue at all. Nerfing the cloak itself did practically nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The real power comes from the upgraded gear and ilvl.

This is what people are not realizing. The damage was already LONG done and irreparable now. Players that got way ahead of the curve already have their gear maxed, achievements, and probably whatever cosmetics they desired. Losing the stats on the cloak is minor and actually, a scapegoat.

The nerf did nothing but hurt players who didn’t touch no where near as many frogs or… was affected by the nerf even if they didn’t even touch a frog at all. I know several people that got hit with this nerf and was ineligible for the 40k. They farmed Ordos priests, did rare chain farms, faction dailies, etc but did not do the frog farm. What’s the common link between them? Lesser Charm turn ins.

Lesser Charms is what made these farms lucrative to begin with. It’s where most of the gains came from. I am not sure what metric(s) Blizzard used but they definitely dropped the ball and punished the wrong people.

On top of that , they didn’t even punish those that -actually- exploited for their gains. There are still a ton of people out there who had their cloak completely untouched who abused the instance limit threshold to farm Heart of Fear trash endlessly. If anyone that needed to be hit, it’s those people yet… Blizzard has turned a blind eye to that. IMO those people should have gotten hit with some sort of punishment involving some sort of ban, temporary or permanent. Frog farming does not fall into the category of an exploit and has been part of the game for over a decade. Not to mention, it was repeatedly reported on the PTR. The fault lies with Blizzard on this one.

Though again, I reiterate, even still, the damage is already done by people who got ahead so it’s all very moot at this point. Blizzard has done nothing but tick people off with this and the amount of incompetence is staggering.

There is no way for players to catch up to these players, which is what the community has been complaining about but instead focus their ire towards “froggers” when they have absolutely no scope of the situation. It’s actually been quite toxic and that’s disturbing. They have been sitting on the forums taunting and decrying a “frogger” while never once acknowledging the discrepancy that is actual exploiters were completely unaffected by all of this.

But again, all moot. The damage was already long done and this was a very, very dumb play on Blizzard’s behalf.

A controversial take from me in order to give a bit of a fix for this: Reset everyone and I mean everyone back to the start and restart the event. Any cosmetic rewards are kept. Achievements, kept. Gear back down to 346 at 70 with cloaks given the average stats of a fresh level 70. If people want that insane power again, they have to earn it legitimately, which was supposed to be the point of the cloak nerf but Blizzard failed miserably.

I know this would cause a huuuuuuuuge clusterf- thus why I said it’s a controversial take (and it would never happen anyways) but it would completely eliminate that disparity of people who -actually- exploited the game and those who didn’t.

Or just revert the nerf? People who actually exploited didn’t get touched anyways and, again, damage is already long done for.

The nerf literally solved nothing.


I commend Blizzard for this event and I’m having a blast doing different types of content, enjoying scenarios, achievements, rares, questing, raids and dungeons. The only two reflections I have over the event for any future iterations is that one, cosmetic and upgrades should be under two different currencies and two, buff rather than nerf acquisition methods. If one method is far better than others, buff the others instead of nerfing the good one (well, both nerf and buff if it’s extreme).

For me, having any content give meaningful progress to my character is what I’m enjoying the most. I don’t need to farm that specific trinket or weapon; I just do whatever I want and upgrade the item I have. I can choose to do content with my friends or solo, regardless of difficulty and still progress my own character (or cosmetic).

This also makes me incredibly excited for Mist of Pandaria Classic!

(PS. Please let WoD be next :slight_smile: )


It’s a great event, don’t get me wrong but the execution was horrible. Feedback was ignored on the PTR and this whole controversy with the cloaks have really made things… x_x

The concept is great and I personally am having fun leveling some alts even though I have a ton as it is, but I also love that I can obtain cosmetics too.

I completely agree that the currencies for gear upgrading and cosmetics should have been separate.

Also, you’re not the only one wanting WoD. Mad lads! I want Legion xD


Something interesting that came up in a discussion last night with some guildies. At the start of MoP, there was a huge scandalous issue with the way daily quests were used as a means of progression. There were so many dailies to perform at max level that it was extremely overwhelming for the average player. It was such an issue that blizzard reworked and made big changes to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and daily quests throughout Pandaria very early on.

The discussion last night was how once you level up in Remix and even to some extent while leveling, the game turns into a daily chore. Many players in my guild and friend base are logging in daily to complete the three daily quests in the Bazaars (Scenario, Dungeon and Raid kill bosses daily’s), then running a normal and heroic scenario, a normal and heroic dungeon, for the first run threads and bronze. Then they are doing a sweep of the world bosses, and raids, to complete the Bazaar raid quest and get the bronze from completing the raids. Feeling like you have to do all these things, daily, to grind enough bronze to purchase all the cosmetic rewards is daunting for some and for many, not fun. Which feels similar to the way MoP originally was.


It’s personally what I’ve been doing as well, minus the raiding bit. I’ll do 1 wing of LFR for the quest and that’s it. It got to the point where I haven’t felt like flying all over to kill world bosses since I don’t raid anything above LFR nor am I trying to upgrade my gear.

In the interim between resets, I’ve been leveling alts as it is a more lucrative solution to getting the bronze you need for the cosmetics. I thought about upgrading gear but I’d much rather get stuff that will be permanent rather than temporary. Right now, I am sitting on 5 level 70 remix chars and a level 50.

I’ve gotten every mount now and working on transmog. My only gripe is that when I buy a transmog set, it doesn’t show that it’s been purchased on an alt unless it’s eligible to wear that set. So, I’ve lost track of what I’ve bought lol.

Also… level 60/fresh 70 scaling… UGH. It’s god awful. It’s by far one of the worst experiences.

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Alright so, update time!

I’ve now gotten 7 characters to 70 on Remix! (3 Alliance, 4 Horde). I also have finally bought all of the mounts and all of the Remix exclusive transmogs which was my first and main priority.

I had switched my main timerunner to my Vulpera hunter and well, now I am starting to upgrade my gear. I figured I’d see what all the hype was about with how the power structures work. I am still not remotely powerful as a lot of people are, but I am seeing the power creep.

If you do decide to upgrade your characters, I personally would upgrade shoulders, wrist, gloves, and belt first. The reason why is because those are your tinker gem slots so they will become more powerful. After that, I would go chest and legs since the gems also scale with item level. After that, weapon. Sometimes I may mix it up and do the weapon upgrade before the chest and legs. Finally helm and feet. Feet is the very last option because it really doesn’t contribute at all to your output.

Anyways, I have met a few people and have been running lots of stuff with them, including raids! I’ve been hard carried through stuff, not going to lie, but I am finding that raiding on Remix is no where near as stressful than retail. Starting out, I pretty much got one shot to any mechanics so we made it a game of whether or not I’d survive the encounter. We had some great laughs over it and I’ve had some really funny deaths.

Anyways, my ilvl is starting to creep up since I am now using bronze on my hunter to power her up while I casually do dailies on alts to get the remaining mogs sets I didn’t get on retail. I am still far, far behind others but I am starting to hold my own.

My goal on my hunter is to get her maxed out and pay it forward to the community by helping people with runs when I can get to very high power levels. I can’t carry just yet but I intend to soon enough!

Though there is one thing that I want to bring attention to all of this which I hadn’t said before.

Blizz, I really think that you should make gear discounts account wide. The bronze grind is absolutely brutal and I know there are many people, including myself, who would like to try out a different class in Remix. Please keep in mind that this is a limited time event which has no bearing on retail. I know the overall goal is keeping player’s retention so don’t you think that if you do this change, you’d gain said retention if people were able to gear alts more efficiently?

Just a thought.