My issue with the prepatch delay

My issue isn’t the delay but the lack of communication as to what exactly went wrong. Not everyone lurks twitter and not everyone thumbs through every forum to find information. They could have put a blanket statement on the launcher screen as to what exactly broke so we aren’t all left in the dark.

Communication, that thing that blizzard said they’d do a couple years ago, seems awfully quiet.

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well then why didn’t they just freeze mail four days prior like the AH? Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

That aside it still should have been on the launcher page where everyone can see it. 100% of the WoW audience doesn’t come to the forums.

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This is completely reasonable and I agree wholeheartedly. My brother has been waiting all day to play and this was the first thing I asked him, if there was a notice on the launcher. I have nothing to say to disagree with you.

its because someone decided 20 years ago at bliz that mail can

  1. contain mutiple items
  2. be inexpensive to send
  3. sit in someones mailbox for 30 days before being returned to sender where it can sit for another 30 days
  4. the max number of mails is some rediculous high number like 500

so people use the mail as a bank… wanna fix this max mails of 10, 1 item/stack per mail, and sending an item costs 1 gold. Mail bank fixed.